Pointless rant at 3 dice tourney's


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It's hard enough to win a tournament just for $10, or for me, 7.00 AND then you have to meet a 7x wagering requirement. I managed to get to up to 25 but off course, couldn't withdraw. Bit upset as it's a challenge in itself to make something of the 7.00

Again, pointless but needed to get it off my chest.



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Well Copperpot, if it's any consolation, those of us who occasionally win $10 have to meet a 10X win ratio!!

Goodluck...you hit enough wins, you may achieve a cashout, I know I have...but it took me quite a few.

10x playthough is very low for any kind of free bonus.


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I think maybe they could reduce the WR to 5x but also make it a 1TC rebuy(max 2 rebuys), for any non-buy in tourney, non VIP's could be made to buy into the VIP tourneys.(probably not many non-VIP's would have won to buy in though, but its an option though).

For something that is considered more of a win than a nd bonus, I think there needs to be a balance of a reasonable WR, and rebuys to recoup anything lost through these, just an opinion though.


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If these are free tourneys (no deposit) then I think a WR of 10x is more than fair. I often meet 30x WR with a $10 MG comp.

Granted this is not a MG casino. But at 10x WR if you play min slot bets you should be able to dramatically improve your cash-in chances.

If however people are depositing, winning and then having to meet a WR then that's a bit rude IMHO.



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Thanks for the comments guys, looking at it now it's not that bad as it's 'free' but i agree with the above.

Oh, & i was low rolling like a trooper when i was upto 25, couldn't hit anything of the bonus's tho.:p