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May 29, 2004
Does anyone know if there are any plans afoot for MG, Crypto or anyone to do a Pocket PC version of their software? I know there are plenty of card games etc you can grab to play for fun but just wondered if proper PPC casinos were imminent?


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Winward Casino already has a PPC version. I have actually been following this side of things for a few years now - Boss Media actually had one in production as well a couple of years ago but I am assuming that they have dropped the project. I have no idea about Microgaming and Cryptologic but I sincerely hope they are keeping this arena in their sights.
Thanks SM.

I'm surprised there's not been much activity in this area actually. Just the one casion to date? I would have thought it was a market ripe for picking. I've got a fantastic VP game on mine and i know it could work.


The problem is that only a small percentage of PPCs are enabled for wireless or cellular communication at present. I predict this will change over the coming years as regular cell phones are replaced by multifunction phones... The other problem, of course, is the size of the PPC - not particularly handy for a cell phone.

On the other hand... when PPCs have the same capabilities as Blackberry for email... things might well change.
Yes indeed. Actually, its quite interesting - i've just been reading up. IBM are getting involved and RTG and WagerWorks are partnering Phantom Fiber. I can only find 3 wireless casinos so far - well 2 that are "active" and one "coming soon" (an RTG operator). Could be a market set to take off though. Watch this space i guess :)

Oh...and this is clever. One of them purports that if someone iBeams the software to another PDA, the affiliate credit goes with it. Nice touch.
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