WARNING Plum Gaming: stalling, unresponsive, slow-pay


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
I'm afraid I have to issue a general warning regarding Plum Gaming. This is based on several weeks of difficulty regarding outstanding Pitch-A-Bitch cases.
  • players attempting to take their issues to CS are ignored _until_ a PAB is filed at which point many of these are immediately resolved, as if there had been no real problem in the first place. If so, why ignore the player's attempts to settle them?
  • they claim to be "investigating" but results are never announced and in the end it all seems to have been a stalling tactic.
  • they promise to pay by such-and-such a date but often, not always, those dates come and go and nothing has happened.
  • lately our attempts to discuss issues with them are being ignored, or severely delayed, too. It does appear as if this situation is deteriorating.
  • overall things seem to be getting worse not better at Plum Gaming regarding the outstanding player issues.

For all these reasons:

Warning: Plum Gaming is ignoring player complaints, stalling payments, claiming "investigations" and the like with no accountability or follow-up. Issues seem to languish without progress until they are pushed to do something, which they sometimes respond to and often ignore. Players should avoid Plum Gaming until they've demonstrated that these problems are behind them.