Please Vote If You Can - Appreciated


Riff Raff
Apr 9, 2012
Republic Of West Yorkshire
Please can you vote on here if you haven't used votes for anything else and can spare a few minutes.

Its the charity I raised money for in this thread

This is the link to the voting
Outdated URL (Invalid)

Please follow the instructions below -

Click the link.
Click the 'register and login' button in top right hand box.
Click 'Register now'.
Fill in details and click 'finish'.
Aviva will then send you an email to confirm your email address.
Click the link on the email sent.
Fill out a couple more details and select ‘Complete my details’.
Scroll down to find the project in the 'search project titles...' type Brain Tumour Research and press ‘Enter’, our project will then appear
Click into our project
Under 'how many votes you want to cast' press the + up to 10
Click 'submit votes.'

It does take a few minutes, but your vote could make all the difference in BTRS being awarded £5,000 of funding.

Thank you for your support.


Get dunked, big buns!
Aug 29, 2012
Same here, no sweat. The whole thing takes about a minute :cool:

Plus I've entered the prize draw too, gotta get me that IPad :thumbsup: