please help me i really need this money


Dormant account
Apr 20, 2006
i am a student and i have to pay my rent and my bills.

i became a member of and deposited 700 dollars. i played for two days and my total was 836$ when suddenly i was dismissed from the poker lounge. i was told that my membership was cancelled because i had written wrong thins about the site during a play. i just asked one of my opponents if it is safe to play here and she answered " definitely no" . and advised me to stop playing before becoming an addict just like her? then i asked the same question to another player? and he answered "it maynot be safe" and suddenly i was dismissed. they do not return my money. even the original amount i have sent and they do not answer my mails.

please help me get my money back
I'll take a look at this hopefully in the next day or two. In the meantime please read this thread carefully:

And also check out
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. They're located in the UK but they have some very good advisors to help you out.

You should never ever put yourself in a position where you rely on winnings for your bread and butter. You need to call it quits now.

In the meantime, I'll see if I can find out what happened.

thanks casinomeister.

it is very good to know that there is someone interested . thanks for anything you can do no matter what the result is.

good luck

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