Please comment the E-Gold Casino

I doubt you'll like this, but since you asked...

I just took a look at your Blackjack games and they are labeled in a misleading manner. For example, what you call the "Atlantic City" game allows double only on 9, 10 and 11, but the rules in Atlantic City require that the casinos offer double on any first two cards, as well as double after split, which I couldn't tell from your hopelessly inadequate Help section is available or not. By the way, you should have someone whose first language is English re-write that.

The same comments apply to what you call your "Las Vegas" game that uses a single deck. Admittedly, the laws in Vegas do not require double on any first two cards, but most casinos do in fact offer it. Because the same Help section applies to that version of Blackjack, one cannot determine all the rules of your game.

Your games bear little resemblance to those that are offered in the areas you have chosen to emulate, so I can only conclude that this is yet another suite of games designed by people who know very little about this business. By the way, a 'blackjack' should pay 3 to 2, not 2:3, as is stated in your Help section.

These inadequecies will not, I imagine, inspire a lot of confidence in those who might be thinking of playing at this casino.

If you'd like any more comments, don't hesitate to ask.


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Hey Gamemaster!

Good call.

Also Whitebear, lose the ExtremeMe banner at the bottom. This link gives your visitors access to your traffic stats. You need to fork out 8 bucks a month to have this converted to a private link. This you may want to do.
BTW this casino uses the licensed version of the Internet Casino Gaming Engine software, developed by ITOS Ltd ( Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) )
Domain .ua means Ukraine. I live in Russia and nobody would ever see me within ten miles of any Russian or Ukrainian casino, land or online. BTW, Moscow is full of B&M casinos. I think they all cheat.

A Russian or Ukrainian casino sounds almost as funny as a Gypsy bank.

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jen, your message smells like kind of rasist or national discriminative. You think the same about ukrainians in Canada, where we have partners? Or maybe about russians in Israel, where we have developers? Can You bet that there are no any gypsies between great bankers? Thats all old communistic mentality.

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