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Oct 16, 2006
I read in a poker forum that G2G was offering live streams of cockfighting, which is against the law in most jurisdictions but might not be in G2G's territory of registration. Has anyone heard anything about this, and, if so, could you please comment?

posts were made by the g2g representative on several forums about this but many of the threads have since been deleted by the forum managers.

Ultimately G2G is not up and running yet, if it will ever be, so there is nothing happening at the moment of this nature. I believe this was something that the rep had said (but said it on several forums) as something of a joke. At times he referred to it as being streams from fights happening in parts of asian where this is legal and in others about it being "virtual" and then has backed off saying whats all this about its a joke, G2G is a poker forum nothing more.

What I will say is do some research on G2Gpoker and you will find plenty of other reasons for staying clear of them, at least at this stage.

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