Playtech progressives currency issue


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Oct 20, 2004
Unlike MG where progressive jackpots are won in your own currency, playtech's unfairly disdvantage UK players in particular. For instance it would cost a US player $16 to play Gold Rally, but a UK player 16 (~$31) but the jackpot on offer is the same.

Obviously it doesn't work the same over all currencies, for instance it costs 160 Chinese Juan to play that game, but it does make it unnecessarily complicated and unjust to not use a similar system to MG.

As a quick study, if anyone has any playtech accounts in other currencies could they post how much a maximum bet on Gold rally costs please?

GBP players are clearly disdvantaged but there may be currencies that give players a better advantage than playing in USD


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Jun 1, 2008
yeah it is a bit minging about the progressive jackpot.

I am from uk. I always try and play in dollars if the casino allows me to do this. As it doubles the amount of money i have to gamble with and gives me a bigger stack to play with.

I don't like the gold rally slot myself. It doesn't payout enough and tends to eat a big hole out of your bankroll.

I once played in south african rand out of curiosity to see if it would only cost 16 rand per bet. But the the bet amount was about 120 rand which at the time of playing was around 16 dollars. So other currencies seem to automatically convert to around $16 a bet in their currency. But doesn't do this with pounds.

So it does seem as if people who play this slot in pounds are having a bad deal. I think the same thing might apply to beachlife, but i've never played beach life in pounds.