Playtech live games are down..


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Dec 14, 2004
Sydney, australia
Hello all,

I am new here and posted this in CM forum also. Live games at playtech casinos appear to be down for a few days for technical reasons. Anybody here have any info on this?
I also noticed this

Yes ist weird. Its not even mentioned on playtech softwares homepage. Does anyone have any contacts with playtech who could ask why the live games are still down? It has been several days now.

It has been down for 5 days at least. One person in support said it was the tornado in Philippines which was causing it (live games are dealt from Philippines) which is strange. Then another casino said it was a technical problem and they were upgrading there live games. Which makes more sense they were changing software or something.
I downloaded Club Dice, Solei, Tropez, Aspinalls and all there live games are down. Which means all playtech live games must be down. I would have thought that was pretty serious at around 15 casinos offering live games . But no respones here from anybody who knows anything. No mentions from anybody at playtech. Increasingly looking like live games are not going to be offered at playtech casinos. I have no other explanation for there behaviour. Just hoping people will deposit with them and break the news later. Otherwise why would they not email there customers or mention something unless they have something to hide.

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