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May 24, 2003
I just Read that Play-Tech Casino do not pay their customers and that they owe alot of money due to a deal they blew up with Dr. Ho...
I can only speak from my experience but i just got paid in 5 days by casino Tropez which is consistent with the timing they display on their website and in their confirmation emails
This is the same guy talking up some trash sport books on other thread proplayer was here pumping
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which if you click his profile is his "favorite" He is here pumping up Internet1x2 carib sports and other crap, actually he has WSEX which as far as i know is legit He's here pumping how fast his casino pays and he is here comparing his casino to casino on net after virtually post they make there are people who remind readers that this guy is just talking crap(much like I'm doing here) This seems to me that someone thinks if they bash other casinos then maybe more will play at theirs. Most of the sportsbooks mentioned in his posts are trash.

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...a lot of patience if it's Grand Banks/Black Widow or Sterlingshithouse. GB/BW is 1-2 months. Sterlingshithouse is 3-4 months.
Thanks for the info, pokeraddict. ProPlayer has already blown his or her credibility here, I believe!
I would like to see if Proplayer would like to list where he read this. I'm sure the folks at Playtech would like to know about this.
Pokeraddict - most of the books that Proplayer mentions are among the best outthere. BetGrande, WSEX, Carib, Olympic and William Hill are all great.
I had actually not heard of a few of them. I guess simply his mention tarishes their image here with what he has posted. My point was to show that his posts were not relevent or truthful. There are several on his list that I know that arent legit and WSEX is the only on i have played on. Thats why i gave links to show his posts so you can read for yourself. Sorry if it wasnt worded well.
Yeah Black Widow is VERY slow, supposedly due to some delays they are currently experiencing.

It cracks me up that they have the balls to put this on their website:

"Free Drafts & Fastest Online Casino Payouts"

That is pure bullsh*t. There are DOZENS that are faster. Sunny Group, Main Street Vegas group, Cryptologic, etc etc. :mad:

They do have some good promos though, if you don't mind tying up your money for a month or two.
I requested a pay-out of $550.00 from Black Widow that was due for pay-out on the 6th and it was paid into my Neteller account on the 6th.

Unfortunately, I cannot say that I'm at all impressed with the amount of time that it takes to be paid by Diamond Deal (well over 2 weeks) and I believe they are are affiliated with the MAIN STREET VEGAS GROUP.
Thats the fastest I've ever heard of BW paying. Yes, diamond deal is part of MSV. My last experience with MSV took over 2 months to pay.
admin took bw off this site. They supposedly cheated high rollers out of a lot of money.I would avoid them at all costs.
Black Widow claims the fastest payouts on the net, hahahahaha, they took over a month to pay me and only cause I kept asking thier live chat. Black Widow is definitely a place to avoid.

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