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Jan 16, 2021
I've been playing at playojo since last year, if my memory serves me right. Had no problems so far....... until now.

One of there blackjack kickers was the user with the most hands played at the blackjack playojo table.... wins £150. I was on the table for 14 hours that day, and wagered nearly £4000 at £5 stakes. No one was on that table even remotely close, the the amount of time i was on the table. I contacted playojo, and they said the winner isnt until a day after promotion. Fair enough...... then a new kicker appeared. Win 5 hands in a row, and win £25..... I completed this twice on both the 15/2/2021 and the 16/2/2021.... i never receieved anything.... then another kicker appeared. Play 100 hands of blackjack and win £15. Again i contacted playojo, they asked me for session ID... they had to guide me to it.... and then i see the problem. Most of my history on playojo website for my blackjack hands is missing. For instance they show on the 15/2/2021, that i played no blackjack at all..... when infact i had wagered over a mere £1800 that day. They say on the 19/2/2021 that i played 75 hands, and wagered £440.... the actual numbers on 19/2/2021, was 261 hands of blackjack and i had wagered £1392 that day. All my history shows in full at evolution gaming. If i go to the playojo blackjack table and click history.... its all there. If i look for it on playojo through my account section.... im missing most of my history..... convenient huh? So ive tried to raise the issue numerous times with playojo... and they just kept on repeating the same gobbledy gook.... that i didnt play at all on the 15/2/2021 and i didnt win 5 hands in a row on the 16th. I have now emailed them video footage of my account and of the history that they are missing on their system, only for them to now restrict my account for further investigation. Cant say im really happy with this casino at present. I originally sent pictures, showing the dates (15th and 16th) and how much i actually wagered, and also of my 5 wins in a row on both of them days.... on the 15/2/2021 picture you can actually see 2x 5 wins in a row... and on the 16/2/2021 you can see 9 wins in a row lol. this did not suffice, so i then had to make videos of it all. I had to shorted each video clip down to 14 seconds long each, title and label each email, so they knew which order to watch them in chronologically. i hear nothing back. i then get in touch with support once again to hear they cant watch them, and can i please shorten the clips even further (i nearly threw my laptop out of the window by this point). Anywho i kept sophia from support on the chat while i did this, and shortened the video clips down to 7 seconds each..... a grand total of 28 emails all containing a 7 second clip (this does not include the previous videos and photos i have sent) were sent. I was told that they would investigate the issue (finally someone actually see's that there is an issue now), and we said our goodbyes...... i try to load a game and i receive a pop up message "you cannot play real money games currently, please contact support" (oh yey, contact those muppets again... the joy!). Im now chatting to a Vilma S, and im told my account has been restricted until their investigation is complete.

By my calculations they owe me £150 for most blackjack hands played. £25 for each of my 5 wins in a row, so £50, and £15 for 100 hands at blackjack. Ive recieved nothing but a headache, and many hours wasted, speaking to people that dont listen. Nicholas R for instance, told him over and over that the playojo history is wrong. He said they would investigate, this was yesterday, then i get an email saying i didnt play on 15/2/2021 lmao... i was on chat support wiht this guy for 1hour and 20mins explaining that my history isnt showing in full on playojo and that they have some sort of issue with regards to it... so to get an email a few hours later saying i hadnt played on 15/2/2021 just shows how much they listened to what i was saying. Thesa arent even small discrepancies, were talking thousands of £ missing from history on playojo. How can a casino say they support responsible gambling when they dont even know what theyre customers are wagering and on what.....

I'm waiting to hear back (once again), and will update this thread once I have. Sorry in advance to the grammar soldiers, im not the best typer. Anyone had similar issues with playojo? there depsosit bonuses always work.... its only the blackjack kickers.

thanks all.

Chris x

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How much i wagered on 15/2/2021 and on 16/2/2021.


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They are apparently investigating it now. But being they have restricted my account. I can no longer access playojo blackjack table. So I only have the pictures and videos I've already took. Fortunately the first video I took (not knowing there was a size limit) is 10 minutes long, and I search all the dates in question on playojo, and then go to evolution gaming and show the actual figures, which will correspond to the changes in my balance, as I barely played slots during that time. But the video is long, but shows everything, and I mean everything. The fact they say I didn't play at all on the 15th lol. I mean come on. They also say I didn't play on the day I went for 'most hands played wins £150'. I don't remember the date, but was only a day or 2 before the 15th. That day I wagered over £4000 lol.
Once again... nobody will convince me this is not on purpose. Do you really think a casino running on their own platform would be fine with the idea of no history from their players. Go play while no such promos are running. Everything will be fine and they will tell you you didnt play on specific date. Nice one
Hi, username is TheMarketMec. I got the blackjack problem sorted. There was game that didnt close properly (evolution gaming) so it didn't record all (hardly any) of my hands. But playojo has honoured me the blackjack kickers. So happy days.... I am a bit worried about how long its taking for my latest withdrawal though. Its been over 24 hours and hadn't even been processed by playojo yet. I know this casino is incredibly slow at withdraws, but its normally processed within hours, and I get it 2 or 3 days later.... Still processing over a day later. Ive contacted support and I just got told its been passed onto relevant department...
PlayOJO are bare faced liars and their "A Lister" accounts are as crooked a thing as there is. The number of admin issues they encounter before honouring offers made to players is beyond a joke.
Made me an A lister out of the blue not long after joining, had a great couple of weeks with kickers but always tried to play fair with them
depositing without bonuses and playing returns from kickers for a while before withdrawing.After the 2 weeks i suddenly was no longer
an a lister and live chat would not give me a reason other than the standard line saying all accounts are reviewed regularly and your status
may change.Bit miffed but played on for a while as a mere mortal and after a few bad sessions realized what may have been their cunning
plan, after seeing a decent balance in the bank account submitted to them as SOW evidence, they make me an A lister,2 weeks cancel it
in the hope i would try and buy it back by losing.May be way off the mark but it just didnt add up,giving me A lister status so soon after joining.
In the end i just didnt want to play there any more and closed the account as i had a bad feeling about them.
I lost £130 on gates of olympus on 20p stakes last week, in less than an hour at playojo. It was insane how it gobbled it up lol. So I'm having a little break, as that wasn't fun... barely gave me any playtime for the money. I'm very sceptical about slots atm... it kinda just feels like their being controlled. Dont get me started on blackjack... how a dealer gets 20 so much is insane lmao, and if you get a 20, they'll pull out a 21. Everytime I play blackjack, the dealer seems to defy the odds way too much.
Playojo and useless,try contacting support,online chat took 3 days to reply,and email I'm still waiting on a reply from that,now 5 days ago,I'll never play there again,totally useless

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