Playojo again.... why do i play at this shambles of a casino.


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Jan 16, 2021
So for the past 3 days I've been playing alot of blackjack. Playojo had a kicker, most blackjack hands played wins £150. The last time this kicker was on, I wagered over 10k in £5 hands lol. I 100% won it, and they said turned around and said I hadn't even played (errrrr lol). I had to investigate myself into the issue as they were clueless, and found my history on evolution gaming. Even then I had to spend hours making little video clips to send to playojo via email to show them the discrepancies.... I also won two other blackjack kickers around that same time that also weren't honoured at first (they honoured them eventually when I proved they were at fault, I let the £150 kicker go, because they already paid a winner, and I'd had enough by this point).

Anyway.... fast forward to present.

I see the same kicker 3 days ago, and I haven't played much blackjack recently so I went for it. Everyday I opted into the kicker and played blackjack. Hundreds of hands, alot of them I'm sat at the table by myself, so we get through alot of hands. I contact playojo this morning asking if I won the kicker...... they said I hadn't opted in. The site is a joke. I'm absolutely sick to my stomach with their dodginess. I know I won that, and they do too. Everytime a blackjack kicker is involved, they find an excuse to scam me out of it. I won't be making the same mistake again.

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Update - They have now locked my account. It says I can't play real money games when I try to load a game. I'm currently waiting in live chat queue, and any playojo customer knows how long this can take, only to be seen by someone who really isnt very helpful...
Sounds like a right pile of shit. If they're going to run promotions like that they should have a leaderboard that shows how many hands you've played and who has played the most. Otherwise you're just running a race in the dark and you don't know where the finishing line is.

I watch a lot of snooker and the Playojo gambling adverts with the bloke with the big hand are really fucking annoying as well. You have my sympathy and I hope you get it sorted :thumbsup:
Thanks lemon. I use playojo as some of their kickers/offers are good. But yeah there is no table to show who has played the most hands. But when i've been sat at the table for over 8 hours a day, mainly by myself, doing hand after hand, in the attempt to win the thing..... only to be told i haven't even opted in...... is pretty damn shocking. I know I have to opt in everyday, and I know i did just that. The last time this kicker was available they said I hadnt played lol, the dicrepancy between evolution gaming history and playojo history was in the tens of thousands! I know I won it last time too. I dont think they even pay it out, just advertise to get a mug like me to play for the whole duration. Honestly I think playojo is a scam, as its happened on about 4 separate kickers now.
Update - I'm still in live chat, been here about 45 mins so far (how many other casinos would make you wait this long?)..... getting the generic "i'll be right with you" spiel.
ok..... the first person i was chatting to says i never opted in. I've now been transferred to Olga...... who just said that i did opt into the kicker.... like what is going on?????
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After an hour of being in the chat, they have clarified that i have in fact opted into this offer everyday it was available. I've been made to feel like a liar throughout this whole ordeal (same as last time they messed up), when the error once again lies with them. Its stomach churning.
Was in the chat for 2 and a half hours. In the end I had to ring a London phone number to speak to someone, so I could re-activate my account. They made out I didn't opt into the promo. Then over an hour later on live chat, they told me I did enter.

Anyway an hour after live chat, I recieve a phone call from a guy at playojo. Apparently someone played 790 hands and I played 719 lol. Awesome.

I'm not as bothered about winning the prize as I am about how messed up their blackjack kickers are, and how they've made me feel in the whole process. This whole experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth if I'm honest.

What's videoslots like? Thinking of giving that one a whirl. Or any other recommendations? I loved playojo for their many deposit bonuses. So something similar would be awesome.
If you can cope with some games having lower rtp on videoslots, they are generally the best for rewards, freerolls (if you manage access), and day specific battle evenings/weekends. i think considering i believe playojo have lowered most of their games i think? then in comparison id say videoslots offer much more. (specially if you like slot games as their range is huge).
Yeah right someone played more hands than you but you never ever saw the guy neither does the game provider. I realized a long time ago that skillonet are creating these promo to do exactly that. Find any excuse not to honor the prize. Every time.
I deposited to videoslots, but im not sure i can play knowing theyre not on the highest rtp setting. Every spin ill just feel like im being robbed. Playojo lowered theirs too? That will explain why I seem to get so many dead spins when on their slots. My best win came from coral when I used there deposit bonus. Deposit £10 and get £50 to play with or something. Was only about 6 months ago and was my first casino. I managed to win my deposit back on eye of horus and withdraw before activating bonus lol. So it was just free play. I then won 2211x on deadwood. Was something like a £442 win off 20p spins. Withdrew £300 after completing wagering requirements.

I'VE JUST NOTICED. 5p is being taken from my account at videoslots for every hand of blackjack I play..... what is this new devilry? Are they seriously charging me 5p a hand to play..... thats a first from my experiences of online casinos.... and im signed upto most lol.
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Sure playojo has lowered a lot of their games. Videoslots have lowered for some developers (i think the ones that can have lower rtp).

Not sure about the 5p being taken thing - although it could be the new way weekend booster works (think it takes bits of what you spend and saves it in a vault for you), you can opt out of that under your profile somewhere. (those of us luckier to have been on videoslots for some time still get the old real money weekend booster), but new members get the crappy new version. lol
So is their any casino out there, that has their slots set on the highest rtp? Surely its a huge selling point when advertising a casino. I know id run to a casino that promised the highest rtp setting on all slots.... im not bothering with videoslots. I know its only 5p a hand but i have days when i play over a 1000 hands, so it adds up. Plus the lower rtp on slots...... not for me. Which is a shame as they have some of the Nolimit city slots that i wanted to play that playojo dont have...
I think novibet still do.. maybe rizk still do (but ive stopped playing there), there maybe others running on full rtp but im not sure. if you nosy around the forum i think theres a thread somewhere related to casinos still using high rtp.
Rizk, I played there for some time before signing up with ojo. I liked their selection of games, but I found the site laggy, and i never ever seemed to win anything. I also spun that wheel alot for levelling up and never got out decent.. it got to a point where i just wasnt levelling up anymore, and i lost interest with the site.

I'll check novibet out now.
So is their any casino out there, that has their slots set on the highest rtp? Surely its a huge selling point when advertising a casino. I know id run to a casino that promised the highest rtp setting on all slots.... im not bothering with videoslots. I know its only 5p a hand but i have days when i play over a 1000 hands, so it adds up. Plus the lower rtp on slots...... not for me. Which is a shame as they have some of the Nolimit city slots that i wanted to play that playojo dont have...
It says casino is closed in your country, when i go to coolbet. Need one for uk players. Even thought of using a vpn to access these crypto casinos i keep seeing all the streamers play.... buts it all beyond me, and im sure ill just lose my money by having my account closed or something like that lol. Videoslots ate my deposit yesterday, barely got any playtime out of it.
Just looked at rtp on a few websites. Betfred seems to be on the highest rtp for their slots, when I looked. Might give them a whirl. But their offers/bonuses look pretty mediocre. Videoslots has loads of rewards and battles and all sorts of fun stuff... but the rtp.... it swallowed my money a little too quick last night, and I tried a few different slots... I even played my money down and went to blackjack and won it back 3 times, going back to slots each time and playing balance back down again.... never got even one bonus feature.
ive never won a penny at this casino.ive had some big deposits but nothing,funny how the girl on customer service said "oh we have people that just deposit £10 and win a couple of thousand" yeah once in a blue moon
Tbf I had my biggest win at playojo only a day or 2 before I opened this thread lol. Which is convenient as I cashed most of it out. I was playing gates of olympus, it was just in base game on 20p spins. On one spin it tumbled a win, cant say how much it was but last time I looked at it, it was £1.30 something.... then it drops a 250x bomb into it. £337 win off 20p spins. Its my 2nd highest x win ever. The first being £442 win on deadwood, which told me it was 2211x when I watched the replay.

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