Has anyone tried to play here. They are pretty stict and blocked my account because I was in the U.S. .I think they are just taking gamblers from Western Europe and the U.K.. I wonder if they track Ip addresses or credit card billing address for proof of residence. I am excited about more Las Vegas casino's opening online sites, but for U.S players. Does anyone know which company might do this next ?


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Jun 30, 1998
Unfortunately we are unable to open an account for you, as our systems have
detected that you are connecting to the internet from a jurisdiction where
we have currently decided not to allow customers to open a Play For Cash
casino account.
In the meantime, why not try our Play For Free casino instead.


I guess they don't want anyone from Germany.

Games seem pretty slick. The ten play video pokers make me long for Vegas.



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Dec 12, 2000
The games are done by Wagerworks, a division of Silicon Gaming that did the nice video slots in Vegas.

They are being very strict. They use ip addresses, credit card databases, and publically available databases of voters registration and tax rolls to verify players' identities. It's not just for jurisdictional purposes, it's also to screen out underage gamblers.

The Nevada and other US Gaming Commissions are watching these casinos carefully. MGMMirage is attempting to demonstrate that online gambling can be run well and securely enough to satisfy land regulators.

All US operators are going to be this strict. It is not worth the gambling license for millions of dollars worth of land properties to take bets online from prohibited players!

Now that online casino operations have been legislated for the US Virgin Islands, expect to see more debate in the US Congress on states' rights and online gambling. I would think that it would put Nevada's nose out of joint to have the Department of Justice stall on giving an opinion, then just drop an unargued opinion on them while a mere Territory goes ahead!

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