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Dormant account
Nov 9, 2005

I joined playit a long time ago. I always get their 50% deposit blah blah. A week back i had $300 left in my neteller so i thought i would give them a go. I deposited the 204 euros and put it into casino chips. Then i try to play BJ it said " Your account has been closed, you cannot play real hand money only play money". I email them they said to clear my cookies and temp files. Did that same thing.

I emailed back requesting they send back the 204 euro like most sites just "refund" it back to my account. So im getting hit by their 2% deposit fee and the crappy neteller exchange rate. I have advise them that i bill contacting the governing body in their juristiction. After that email they sent me a email saying that the cashout has been actioned, i check another email telling me to provide ID to cashout. :eek2:

Now let me say why the heck do i need to run out pay someone to photocopy or scan then pay to get it faxed to get like my own money (dont forget the fees).

What can i do about this? I just emailed back if they applied the bonus i might play then send id to cashout but i havnt played one hand why cant they refund me back to my neteller like poker sites?. Anyone know a contact email for the site manager or someone?

Thanks for reading.

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