Playing online or in alive casinos?


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Nov 7, 2006
Hello. I like gambling. But strangly I never have luck in real casinos where you play
alive. But as for gambling online I always have luck. I don't know why it happens.
Recently I have tried this one [link removed]
They gave me 100% bonus from the first deposit and I was playing almost during the hour.
At last I have won 300 euro, playing roulette.
I would like to know if the same things ever happened to others? Do you also have luck only
in online casinos? Actially anything about your winnings...
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It's funny. We were talking about shills the other day. Here we have "magomedova" making a stellar post about Funny thing is that she has the same IP address as "x-casino" (supposedly the casino manager) and "azrat_rocker" who was booted for spamming the forum with crap.

So, whadya think? Should I ban their IP address, or what?
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Checking out their website raises all sorts of alarms. No indicator to which software provider is supplying their games. Nothing about the company. Nothing about being licensed. And the IP address points to the Ukraine:


*Don't play at sites licensed in Belize, Venezuela, Eastern Europe.
*Don't play at sites with unknown or undisclosed software.
*Don't play at sites that hide licensing information.

Im so impressed with you , You are really on top of things! I made the right choice to join this forum. :)

>secretly married to the miester< hahahahahah J/K

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