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Jul 19, 2005
Can anyone help

I signed up to this playtech casino with a 50 deposit and a bonus

I wagered through no prob and made a withdrawal of 430

I then was asked for ID which was cool as I had it on my comp but they also wanted a signed deposit thing but I aint got a printer so I emailed and asked if I could just write word for word what was on a fax it.

I have emailed them 12 times and no response. I have now received an email saying that I havent sent in my docs so the money has been returned to my account. I tried to log in and it says my password is wrong (They email you your password so I copied and pasted it). I have tried 12 times to ring the UK freephone number but it is never ever answered.

WTF do I do now
Hi there GOCC

Maybe you should try contacting their affiliate representative here at Casinomeister: cpays

I hope you get it all sorted out :)

Many thanks for that

I had looked for a rep but couldnt find one for playgate (though he hasnt been online since may :( )

really appreciate that, thanks

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