Playersonly are crooks



I placed a wager at Playersonly that won that they said lost and now will not provide the document to prove it. I have asked several times for this document and they have sent me the incorrect document everytime. They are crooks stay away
Here is the latest unacceptable responce from Jeff Players Only
"Well, unfortunatly, we will agree to disagree then. I am 100% confident in our stance on this issue, and i know that i will be able to sleep well coming to this decision.
"I appeal to you to try to understand, and if that doesn't work, well, such is life. I do apologize for the incovenience and misunderstandings though. "

Where's the documentation I have repeatedly requested. Where's the we are unable to provide this info to you because ...

No it's just screw you I have your money and will be using it for a pillow and sleeping well tonight.

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