Players with Playtech issues: "D-Day" approaches


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Jan 16, 2002
Those of you with Playtech problems - the Giant Vegas, Swiss, African Palace and Vegas Red players come immediately to mind - may not all be aware of the fact that Playtech are heading for a listing on the UK stockmarket soon.

Courtesy of the ever-helpful Jetset on the "industry discussion" board:

It's my opinion that this is a sensitive time for Playtech, and as such these weeks leading up to the IPO may be an excellent time to press ahead with your complaints.

Give it a go: email the casinos with the fact of your knowledge of this event; email Playtech; this is a contentious one, but: email the brokers with salient facts about their client's licensees - if enough evidence is presented they might actually press Playtech to do something; heck, you might even sound out media folk who report on gambling issues in your country, see if they'd be interested - we know for a fact that there are parts of the US admin who don't view online gambling with unalloyed affection.

Anything is worth a shot, and everything is better than doing nothing.

Anyone with any feedback on how else this time could reasonably be exploited, please post.
YES- contact them

Hey Caruso-I recently had a problem with a playtech casino- Amber Coast Casino. I contacted Playtech, received a prompt reply from them in which they stated they had contacted the casino, the casino apologized for the problems and gave me new contact numbers. Playtech rep further said if I had any more problems to let her know. I contacted Amber Coast and it took a couple more days, but did receive the $700 payout I was due. I was happy since I had heard Playtech is often unresponsive. :thumbsup:
Picked up quite a useful-looking contact through the IPO business now thanks to an FT journalist. I'll be looking to address the African Palace, Swiss and Giant Vegas issues with him.

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