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Mar 31, 2002
Saw a thread about players room and how FAST they paid.So I tried them. Surprisingly, I won a little, but getting them to send the check...that is harder than trying to win anything! Soothing e-mails, not too quick responses, and same person over and over(could be the great OZ?) No telephone listed should have been the first clue. They immediately paid back the deposit to Firepay but to is a different story. Be careful if you play them.
jetset: I requested balance of 275$ on 08-20-02. $25 immediately went to Firepay. $250 still in playing acc't on 08-29 so requested again. Money went out of playing acc't immediately but not received. 13 e-mails produced this reply:..."
I just checked with our bank upon the cashiers check we ordered for you
the amount of $250.00.
I will be able to pick it up this afternoon (in about 2 hours) and send
a little confirmation email as soon as the check it send out."


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The Players Room Casino"..... Now, what business is SO SMALL the c.r. has to make a trip to the bank personally? What in heck is a "little confirmation e-mail" ? This is the most $ I ever won and not to be able to get it makes me afraid to play again.
Sounds to me as if you have a legitimate reason to complain, whitelites - we're only five days short of a month and you still haven't been paid. I would recommend that you email them once more to tell them that you are going to submit a complaint to the OPA, and then give them a few days. If the money does not come through by then , then you have given them more than enough time to do the right thing and you should submit an online complaint and get some help in recovering your monies. is interesting to note that as soon as my post was on the air an e-mail came from Players Room stating the confirmation e-mail had been sent and she was sending it again. When I received it I noticed she sent the original to another persons address.Then a lengthy explanation of how long it takes to get a cashiers check. THEN she said it had already been sent on Sept 12th, when on Sept 14th she said she had to go to the bank and get it. To add insult to injury she also told me it would take from 1 to 4 weeks to receive it, depending on the mail. I also requested at the initial cash in to put it in my Paypal. PlayersRoom took it upon themselves to handle it their way. 4 weeks is a long time to wait to see if it actually does arrive!
There will often be "pro" casino posters when a player posts a complaint about a casino, and that seems to be the case here. However, I know LA Gambler from other posts and I believe him to be genuine.

That doesn't excuse the casino's lack of customer care in your case, whitelites. I would submit a complaint if this money is not in your hands in the very near future. The most charitable explanation for this nonsense is inefficiency, but that does not explain the apparent false information you were given...and you have been patient long enough.

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