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Apr 15, 2000
I heard the casinogazette shows and Brian mentioned the sudden increase in players from Denmark. Well I read quite a few weeks ago that a main TV channel in Denmark had a show about making money on the casino bonuses or something.
That is true. Danish players are now being banned at a few casino, eg Fairplay, VegasUsa.
That is true. Danish players are now being banned at a few casinos, eg Fairplay, VegasUsa.
It's only a few casino's I havn't had any trouble at i.e.,,,, so just try and you will find that it's only very few who is banning us Danes.
Kiwi still accepts danish players. I emailed casino manager Paul Russell.

Paul says: "Please note that all our registered Danish players can still play at Kiwi Casino, can still deposit and withdraw, some will simply will not receive the $25 Cash Match Bonus available to our other players. Those players that prove to us they play at Kiwi because they enjoy it and not simply as another in an endless series of $25 bonus offerings will certainly have their promotions reinstated in the near future. This is not the case for all Danish players, many Danes are still enjoying the monthly bonus as we speak."

It's only fair to the casino, there are alot of promotion abuses coming from Denmark at the moment.

Tommy J

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