PLAYERCLASS=Bonus vs Winning?


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I have a real bonus or lack of bonus situation here. I play a lot at SLOTOCASH every day that is and i play a mix of bonus and cash only deposit,s. The bonus,s at SC are about the same as other top shelf casino,s and they have been around a long while and i would expect no less. But i got the usual monthly bonus e-mail and when i went to deposit on one of the new bonus,s i was told that i was not able to use and to contact support which i did and i was told that i was in a different playerclass and that i would not be able to use this bonus. Now i was a bit dumbfounded as i try to not abuse the bonus system and i was told that i basically was winning too much versus my deposit,s? Below is the chat with support in detail and it is clear that being pigeon-holed and i told them so.​
I have tried to make contact with the rep SLOTO and have pm,ed him 4 days ago and nothing back? I realize that this is a management issue but i feel a bit let down i win too much is the whole thing and the real object of online gaming is to win?Now i have had my bonus,s stopped before at other casino,s but not being told that i was in a different "Playerclass" this is a issue of my being a good customer and being shown the door more or less for winning. I try fairly hard to make sure that i don,t cause any problem,s as most T&C are kinda touchy on these subject,s.Now when this has happened before i still won but with out a bonus and made out well, but i don,t think i should have to make this an issue if i,am a good customer and player respectful and dignified.If i,am wrong here please someone tell me? HOW! Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff​