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you seem to have all the let me ask you this, after he reversed his withdraw, over a month after he made it, how did they "cancel" the check that was already in the mail? Did these people devise some sort of self-destruct paper the checks are printed on??? Or do they deliver the checks by armored car with a cell phone that they can rip up checks after they jerk you around about how long it takes to deliver these "checks"...I was in the Army and saw some neat GPS systems, maybe the checks have a micro chip GPS locater in them, and they track down your check in the massive U.S. postal service sorting houses and "return" them back to Argentina....What about the other withdraws he made??? did they use some new-fangled techno crap to intercept those checks as well??? BTW these are withdraws he never reversed, so maybe they are stuck in the black hole vortex in his mailbox, the same one I had in mine...He was told these checks were sent to him, something he proved they said, even though he reversed one of his withdraws that check still should have gotten into his mailbox, if he was stupid enough to present it for payment, a stop payment order would have been issued and the check therefore would have been worthless. We still haven't addressed the other withdraws he made, where are those checks???Why was he offered a settlement, and after he waited an acceptable amount of time (I think it was over a month) then told the settlement was off the table...they jerked him around for just long enough so he couldn't do a chargeback, on OVER $5,000 USD of debit card transactions. He has EVERY RIGHT to nail these pricks to the floor and dance a jig on their forehead. Why don't YOU get YOUR facts straight before you mouth off about someone. Instead of offering criticism offer a solution....unless of course you are a part of the problem ;)
Player Center

Well this really went far. I guess it's okay for them to be dishonest to their customers, and when the customer gets angry from all the lies they are told, then they are SOL. This is really basically all that happened here. I was lied to from the beginning to the ending and showed proof of same, and because I complained and caused troubles (Who likes to be lied to and cheated) then they are right and almighty. Not only did I not get what I was promised, I am being threatened by these people. Well my bank is investigating this, so I will let you all know what happens. :what:
PlayerCenter changes procedures

Player center now states:

Withdrawal Fast!

We'll process your withdrawal the same business day. We will credit your Neteller account within 48 hours of your request or via check mailed directly to you.

So much for the Federal Express they promised when I played there. Furthermore Neteller is now 48 hours instead of same day. Looks like there was a bit of misrepresentation here, alot in my case. What do you do? Don't play there!

Just more proof I told the truth, yet I am told I complained too much.
PlayerCenter Update

I know that no one cares that I was creatively cheated out of $5000.00 from Interactive Gaming & Player Center. I was blamed as being a drunk and lost my money, money they did not have to send in the first place. The owner and I waited patiently the 180 days, as PlayerCenter claimed they were fighting charge backs on my account. Sure wish it was true, as I feel like a total sucker that was scammed. However Federal, & State authorities will now be getting involved shortly. I have TCF Bank & WorldPay's testimony that PlayerCenter blatently lied to force transactions to go through that were ILLEGAL. I am totally innocent, so Bryan what about a hand? Lets all destroy Interactive Gaming!

Read on:

Here is the last response. I told them to give me my money and I will sign. Got no response. I will try to call them tomorrow. What a bunch of shit....

Dear Paul,

I am writing this letter to inform you that unfortunately we must sever all ties with your casino. We have reached this conclusion for multiple reasons. Your website was transferred to you by a former Licensee so we did not have the ability to conduct any due diligence on whether or not you were a qualified operator; which is our normal procedure.

Your actions have caused our company to lose an untold amount of money through lost deposits. We lost our credit card merchant account because of your actions. You have given out information about our company to your father and your players. As well you have given out your own personal info out to players. We have legal organizations making contact with us and asking questions.

These are all things which we wish to avoid. Unfortunately, by associating ourselves with your company, we will continue to encounter these problems. Please sign and fax back the attached Release Form in order to facilitate this procedure.
Score one for the good guy's :thumbsup: I was then and still am in your corner. ANY help I can offer? PM me.
Is PlayerCenter Honest?

Does anyone know the names of any contacts here with Interactive Gaming? Paul the owner was working exclusively with Sarah & Christina from this outfit. He would like to conact the owner of this web ring. There is no way a customer (ME) and the owner of one of their sites should be treated this way. There has to be somewhere we can turn.
still whining?

isnt this the same guy that got drunk and lost all his money a few months ago? Then got mad because they wouldnt give him his money back?
Interactive Gaming

Schmittie said:
Does anyone know the names of any contacts here with Interactive Gaming? Paul the owner was working exclusively with Sarah & Christina from this outfit. He would like to conact the owner of this web ring. There is no way a customer (ME) and the owner of one of their sites should be treated this way. There has to be somewhere we can turn.

Just to make sure you understand how playercenter works, they are a support center for multiple casinos that are owned by individuals all around the world. Basically, these online casinos purchase the services of playercenter to do the customer service aspect for them. Just like a lot of business do the same. They are kind of like messangers and the middle man in the process. So they may infact be in contact with the casino owner. However, if the owner doesn't have the funds to deposit then playercenter can not send a check to you..... At least this is the way I understand their setup......Anyone else have any in sight?

It was funny that they dared to play games with VISA by using another code to disguise their true operation! If they lost money because of that, they deserved nothing less!
If we're talking about IGS-Player Center and Paul in Argentina, these folks are turnkey providers using a tweaked variation of Futurebet software which they reportedly purchased from Hurley & Co.

Generally, they recruit the casino owner, provide him with a casino and do the back-up admin. The owner markets the operation and usually pays substantial percentages or royalties to this turnkey. So there are rather more demanding obligations on IGS i.m.o.

Like as far as reasonably possible ensuring that licensees are secure in a financial and integrity sense, and halting or suspending operations to protect players when the owner is clearly running short on payments.

Paul and his crew have been off the radar for awhile now but were involved in several player disputes that received publicity here at Casinomeister. They discredited the industry imo and prejudiced players by licensing a teenaged college student and then gave players the runaround on payouts despite the fact that she had declared bankruptcy. One guy I helped had to accept a lesser amount to get paid, and even then they jerked him around for some time. Who knows how many other players were out there that were left unpaid?
Crap, crap, crap. :mad:

I just realized the casino I've been waiting almost 2 weeks for a payout from is connected to Interactive Gaming Systems. Player Center finally rang a bell in my head and I realized that they were the same folks telling me, "We're emailing the owner of the casino every day, but have yet to hear from him."

I'll more than likely be "Pitching a Bitch" next week, but it seems like that's my last hope to see $263.

Looks like I may have been :xxx ...
Sorry to hear this, Mac but you may be OK with it being a smallish amount.

The guy I assisted was owed several thousands and that really seemed to be beyond their capabilities - if I recall correctly it took over six months to get him paid.

QUOTE "We're emailing the owner of the casino every day, but have yet to hear from him." UNQUOTE Definitely heard that before many times - must be in the standard IGS book of excuses - it's quite a large publication.
"Pitching a Bitch" today on them ... I originally had the casino name here, but will wait until I hear from Bryan before I name them publically.
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Attn Ron From WI

Ron after waiting longer than 1 month for my first check it was becoming obvious no checks were ever mailed. To say I got drunk played the money and then wanted it back is crazy. I wanted the first check I was promised more than 30 days prior.
Well, I don't know how it got fixed, but my problem was rectified today. :D

The money was deposited into my NETeller account this afternoon.

Bryan, I've sent you a PM retracting my "Pitch a Bitch." If you contacted the casino, I owe you my profuse thanks once again. I will heap praises on you wherever I can ... maybe even on your Wish List, too. ;)

If you didn't contact them, I guess I just got lucky. :thumbsup:

Mark at Interactive Gaming stated to my banker that anyone who plays at their licensed sites do so at their own risk. He claimed that if a casino owners account with them is negative they WILL NOT BE PAID. He also told my banker I was strung along for quite a while in hopes that the casino owners account would be brought to a positive balance. So if you see PlayerCenter or Interactive Gaming systems stay clear away. They will sell licenses to US residents and threaten to use this against them if they talk back to these people at IGS, they are above the law they think.

Cartoon Network actually uses these scumbags for services too. Probably cheap exploited labor.[/QUOTE]
Hummm.............I wondered how casinos were able to accept Visa/MC deposits from US players (except you have to phone them to give account info, etc.) It appears from this thread that they are "backdooring" the transaction by coding it as merchandise instead of gambling. Maybe I am naive, but isn't that a violation of Visa/MC rules that casinos agree to before they are allowed to process transactions? And why isn't Visa/MC completing their due diligence BEFORE they approve these merchants' accounts? Seems the ball would be in their court and any merchant circumventing the rules would be fairly easy to stop.
Difficult to pass judgement on this one but one can definately see the obvious warning sign that players should heed.

Goes to show how valuable the Meisters Accredited Casinos list is and why more people should be aware of its existence IMHO. Using that, legitimate players are unlikley to go far wrong.

Well said use this experience. Furthermore I was coerced into signing a contract with IGS that they did not honor. As Casinomeister stated IGS is in Argentina with no reputation in the gaming industry. Furthermore I have proof of their fraud and lies, and their operation is much like their casino license, worthless. No one in the governmental agencies of Curacao would recognize IGS. Amazingly they claim to have Cartoon Network, TBS's Sex in the City and many others as a portfolio of clients. Maybe this is lies too.

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