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Dormant account
Mar 16, 2004
I will make this quick, because the attached chat copy is rather long. But to anyone who thinks I have been misleading, or out right lying I now offer proof. To make a long story short another member sent me an email with chat logs showing calling ME a liar. They further stated they were in contact with Bryan about this "issue". I called them on some of their B.S. as you will read. I look foreward to any replies. Grandmaster, what do you looks like the playercenter IGS line is getting blury. Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Player Center'
Player Center: Hello. Welcome to Player Center. How may I assist you?
you: Hello
you: Whom am I speaking with please???
Player Center: this is Cristina, how can I help you?
you: Ahhh...Cristina, I have a rether large problem
you: I have an emal from someone who included chat logs
Player Center: who may i ask is speaking?
you: of YOU claiming I was lying about on a public forum
you: this is bravo26
Player Center: me?, I'm sorry but that is not correct
Player Center: could you please give me more detail as to what you are referring too?
you: For ANYONE @ playercenter to slander me in this manner is in very poor taste
Player Center: I have no idea what you are referring too
you: of course not
Player Center: could you please be more detailed
you: I was forewarded chat logs from an unhappy player that very clearly states I am lying about what I posted on a forum called
you: Now nothing I have posted on this forum is inaccurate
Player Center: What exactly does that have to do with player center?
you: However I do have emails and chat logs from playercenter sent to me that clearly state I was to be paid
you: in fact I have an email from you saying my check was sent
you: when we both know that was never sent, nor was it intended to be sent
you: so who is lying???
you: me or you?
Player Center: no, that was just a misunderstanding
you: so??? am I going to get MY money???
Player Center: Please hold one moment while I look into this further for you.
Player Center: As we have explained before we are waiting on clearance from the casino owner and we are unable to send out your payment until we receive it
you: this "casino owner" is no longer in least under islandjoes name
Player Center: as thrid party this is all the information we have
Player Center: if we receive any other information we will contact you
you: your "misunderstanding" was a complete lie, your company told me I was going to be paid and I still haven't gotten paid
you: And please save the third party b.s for someone else
Player Center: No, our operator was not informed that your payment could not be sent without clearance
Player Center: they have now all been informed about this situation
you: right...I'm sure it took over a month for everyone to be "informed" of this new policy of casino owners releasing funds
you: Please stop insulting me
Player Center: we are not insulting you. we are just explaing what the sitution was
you: so the operator had no idea that the casino owner had to authorize payments???
Player Center: that is correct, it was just a misunderstanding
you: so explain the emails from your accounting dept.
Player Center: I do not know what emails you are referring too?
Player Center: our accounting department does not send out emails
you: I might be inclined to beleive an operator would not know the company policies. But your accounting dept. sure as hell does
you: ahh...
you: Report Junk E-Mail Report and Block Sender From : Player Center < > Sent : Thursday, February 12, 2004 10:31 PM To : < > Subject : Check | | | Inbox Dear Mark, I am writing regarding your withdrawal. You check has been sent. We advise that checks will take 7 - 14 working days to reach you. Thank you, Player Center.
you: Now are you familar with the email???
Player Center: yes, that is an email from us
you: where is the check???
Player Center: but not from our accounting department
Player Center: we are waiting on clearance from the casino owner to send out your payment
you: what has he said so far???
you: : Player Center < > Sent : Monday, February 16, 2004 2:29 PM To : < > Subject : Player Center | | | Inbox Hello Mark, Our accounting department is still working on your withdrawal. They will contact you tomorrow to let you know if everythings ok. Thank you for your patience. Player Center
Player Center: they are reviewing your account
you: why would I get an email on the 12th saying my check has been sent
you: and another on the 16th saying you are still "working" on it???
you: and please be specific as to what is under {"review"
Player Center: this is all we have been informed
you: 2 days after my withdraw was requested, islandjoes web site went down. I chatted with your company and was told this would not affect my withdraw
you: I have emails clearly stating My check was sent.
you: I have sent you copies of my id and credit card as requested
you: and you wait for well over a month to tell me it is up to the casino owner to pay me
Player Center: yes, as i explained before that was just a misunderstanding
you: this is a pattern of lying, and fraud
you: I am an honest player who has used your software for over 3 years
Player Center: we will try to get this resolved as ASAP
you: and the first time I request a withdraw, I get nothing but excuses and lies
you: and now you go so far as to tell other people I am lying about this treatment on a public forum
Player Center: please remember that we are just third party
Player Center: and we are trying to help you with this situation
you: If your intention is to be so helpful, why hasn't anyone called me or sent me an email at the bare minimum saying your sorry for the "misunderstanding" and we are going to do everything we can to make this right???
you: The fact is you hope I will just go away
Player Center: we have informed you about this via chat various times
you: but I won' I'm going to post on every forum I can find...someone needs to get the word out about this piss-poor level of player support and fraud
Player Center: sir, we are trying to resolve your situation
you: and I am not the only one you are jerking around I've stated I have chat logs and emails you sent to another player telling him his check was sent, and SUPRISE...he never got it
you: hello???
Player Center: please hold
you: holding
Player Center: we are contacting again the casino owner to helpresolve this issue
you: gee wiz I hope you have better luck then I did, any mail I sent him was returned...his email account seems to be closed
Player Center: you can also try
you: lol
you: nice try, that one is down too
Player Center: please hold
you: holding
Player Center: They show to be working fine for us but if we receive a returned message then we will look into this
you: and what should I ask them if it does work???
Player Center: that he must contact us about the clearance on your payment
you: oops...never mind I just got the returned mail message
you: why do I have to contact him anyway???
Player Center: He is the casino owner
Player Center: we are just third party
you: Where in your terms and conditions, or your web site does it state the player is responsible for contacting the casino owners for payment
Player Center: we just suggest you can do so but we also contact them
Player Center: for you
you: and ???
Player Center: we are waiting for ther response
you: how long should I wait...The withdraw was requested in the begining of FEB
Player Center: this should be resolved within the next few days
you: Has IGS been informed of this???
Player Center: IGS only provides the software. They have nothing to do with your paymeny
you: IGS paid a player when blackwidow casino went out of business
Player Center: I'm sorry but you have been misinformed
you: mis informed??? I read on that IGS made a settlement offer to a player, who accepted it maybe I have the casino name wrong
you: but the fact is they (IGS) paid a player money that player was owed
you: are you saying that never happened???
Player Center: ok, I am going to IGS to negotiate payment
you: Thank you
Player Center: and see that this gets taken care of
you: How long do you think this will take???
Player Center: probably a few days
you: Thank you for you time
you: please let me know either way
Player Center: Thank you for chatting with us again. Have a nice day.
Player Center: we will
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m249a said:
Player Center: ok, I am going to IGS to negotiate payment
you: Thank you
Player Center: and see that this gets taken care of
you: How long do you think this will take???
Player Center: probably a few days

Great! Looks like you'll get paid after all!! Congrats! I'll compare notes with what IGS has told me. By the way, it was play4treasure that IGS paid a player about half of what he was initially owed. He was damn lucky to see anything in my opinion.

By the way, I have not been in contact with the playcenter, only with an IGS representative who has assured me a number of times that you will be paid.

I'll compare notes between what he has told me and what Playcenter has told you to try and figure out what the hell is happening.
So typical - this "we're only a third party blablabla". IGS is as crappy as Futurebet - they even tell the same lies. Playercenter and Playersupport ARE of course part of IGS/Futurebet.
I just got this email from playercenter...

Report Junk E-Mail
Report and Block Sender

From : Player Center <>
Sent : Monday, April 19, 2004 8:31 PM
To : <>
Subject : Withdrawal request

| | | Inbox

Hello Mark,

We have contacted IGS to inform them about your situation and they have informed us that they are reviewing your account and will contact us shortly with a reply.

Please contact us if you have any other questions or concerns,

Player Center

Hmmm.........after all this time and the runaround I have gotten, I refuse to show any hope, until I have the check, and it has cleared my bank account.
They've known about this since 11 March...
These people are stalling. This is the same general pattern of BS and buckpassing that featured in the Play4Treasure mess....and it took them six months to pay that poor bugger half of what he was actually owed.

This is definitely a good software to steer clear of IMO.
a man of my word

I am pleased to report that I have posted a complete story about these f*#@s at several other forums. I told them this is what I would do, and damnit I'm a man of my word. I know there is very little I can do, however if enough people read about my experience then maybe just maybe they will feel the pinch. Furthermore, all it will take for me to stop, and possibly say some limited positive comment, is to pay me what they owe me. Just in case any new members haven't seen the whole list of places that use I have pasted them here for your convience. Also if anyone knows any other boards or forums I can post my story in let me know. So far I have postings in the following.
winneronline, got2bet online forum, forums fourm for Also a google search for shows my posting in this forum.
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Holy crap that's alot of domains! I think I'll keep a little file on my desktop with these names in it so I can be sure to steer clear of any place associated with these clowns.

BTW, is another place you could post your story.
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m249a said:
Also if anyone knows any other boards or forums I can post my story in let me know. So far I have postings in the following.
winneronline, got2bet online forum, forums fourm for Also a google search for shows my posting in this forum.

I will be posting this list and experience to the gambling newsgroups.
Player Center

Why delete? If player goes to one of their casinos, this is the screen they will see when they click on cashier. This is a warning to avoid the site. I too was scammed by them. Mark knows the story.
Schmittie said:
Why delete?

I could not figure out how to delete one of my posts so I erased it and put delete. It has nothing to do with what was said. As you can see by my following post I support 100% and will be posting this problem and list of casinos in the Newsgroups, lets hit these thieves where it hurts, their bank account.

Off another forum I was able to get a phone# for IGS...The gentleman I spoke to was helpful and understanding, he claimed he would foreward my case to someone named Marc, in South America and I should hear something soon..............My fingers are crossed, but............well you know :( Lets post one of those ticking
I just got an email from Mark....@IGS I am to call him tommorow @ 1400hrs EST. Any advice on how I should handle this??? Of course I'm going to call him, just looking for opinions on what to say, what demanor to take ect...PM's will be appreciated. Thanks............wish me luck
Just be courteous and professional to start with. You won't get anywhere being nasty. Be firm, but try not to be demanding. Of course if they start acting like jerks, then go off on them.
JPM's advice is good, but you also have to be prepared to be tenacious with these people - Mark at IGS was the one who stalled a player for over six months, and then bargained him down to half of what he was owed....and then had to pay even that in instalments. It was like watching a suspense movie - or a horror show.

Casinos from this provider definitely need to be approached with extreme caution.
I called propmtly @ 1400 hrs. EST. Guess what? Mark was unable to be reached, he will be given the message, again, and hopefully will call me back sometime today. Starting to sound familar, same old crap playercenter used to tell me when "accounting" was going to call me back and never did.
I got an email from Mark asking for me to call him back. I did, and we chatted, about the whole case. He explained that the owner of claimed he paid everyone off. I pointed out how IGS was informed on the 11th of mar 04 that I wasn't paid yet. Of course he claimed he was unaware of my case until a few days ago. He assured me I would be paid, either by IGS or islandjoes owner. He came across as someone who is a problem solver, promised me he was looking into the matter. He had to determine if I used any bonus money or if I was paid already and was trying to double dip. I assured him that neither was the case. He listened to me sound off for a bit about my unhappiness with the whole matter, then assured me he would have an answer for me "today". This was @ 1430HRS EST. As of yet I haven't gotten an email or phonecall from him. Am I skeptical? YES, am I worried he hasn't called or emailed me yet? YES. But we will wait and see.......I will keep you posted on any new developments.
Any advice???

This is a copy of the email I recieved today, from IGS.

>Hi Mark,
>I have not been able to get a hold of We want to get
>you paid however as your account does not appear to have had issues.
>If will try to talk to him tomorrow and settle something. Either way, we
>will send you partial or full payment depending on what is discussed with
>him. We dont want you waiting anymore than you have to.
>Thanks again for your patience and we'll get this strightened out.

My question is this, IGS web site states they have a " Player guarantee", You can look it up here---- Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
to date I have been unable to find any more info on what this "guarantee" is. How much is the insurance/guarantee, what terms does the player have to meet in order to be eligable for protection.
All I want is to be able to speak intelligently, to this man. I EXPECT to receive my ENTIRE withdraw, this whole "we will send a partial payment" crap is for the birds. I hope someone out there can find more info for me. Thank you.

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