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Feb 22, 2004
Beware of Slots Alley, Casino Onliner, and LuckNRoll. While visiting Arnold Snyder's new site (Blackjack Forum Online), I ran across this investigative piece by Radar OReilly.

Says Radar:

"The results we recorded on the Jacks or Better video poker at LuckNRoll online casino were mathematically impossible on a fair game."

He then produces the mathmatical analysis to back up his claim.

Go here and click on "Getting Rolled at LuckNRoll":

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Blackjack Forum is different than internet forums (other than the Wizard) in that the forum is ran by Professional Gamblers. Obviously, Snyder is a legend.

CPA (Casino Player Advocate) is mentioned in the article, so he may want to pay particular attention and/or post a reply of sorts.

The sad thing is that they don't even try to disguise it. Why do they even reply to his mails, when all they can offer are lies a child would see through? They might as well have said "gotcha sucker" in the first mail and refused to answer more mails. It would save them a bit of time.

Hope it didn't scare the guy off online casinos. If he wants a fair game of blackjack he can get it (based on my experiences, which is an obscene amount of hands) at a MG Viper casino.

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