Player Preferred Rogued (Giant Palace, Hype, InChilli, More)


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Jun 22, 2005
Hey all,

I responded to another post about this and you can see that here at CasinoMeister at:

I think I laid it all out there, but wanted a thread specific to these casinos so that there is no ambiguity as to what is going on.

I am constantly asked to help with player withdrawals at Giant Palace (and before that InChilli and Hype). It has come to the point that this group is VERY unresponsive. They are playing games with withdrawals (i.e., don't ask for ID, but won't process withdrawals until they receive it). They have taken many weeks to get players their withdrawals even if it is a minor amount of money.

I have heard some grumblings about finances (this is very underground information based out of their homeland) and I just do not trust that they are a solvent organization. If they are, then they have problems with either their business model or architecture and players are being hurt by it.

Regardless, see the other thread or for MORE information including connected organizations and casinos you may not have heard of, please go to:

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This is in NO WAY an attempt to get traffic to my website. This is where I am re-directing ALL banners and web pages that had ANY Hype, InChilli, Giant Palace, or Player Preferred information to.

Thanks again.

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