Player Get-Togethers?


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May 29, 2004
Hey Meister - you might know this. Have there ever been, are there, or are there ever likely to be any Player conferences, expos or get-togethers in the online casino industry.

Sounds like if not, it could be fun...get a few casinos to sponsor it and sub players expenses for a vegas vacation, or put on some nights out.

I can see why casinos wouldn't want to invite their valued players along - lol. Although what goes around comes around I guess. But on the other hand, if it was organised independently, could they afford not to be there ;)

There are some individual casino groups throwing periodic bashes for their high rollers or just loyal players, but I have not heard of conferences like the industry has.

I think player conferences would be great fun! Everyone could finally meet everyone else, casinos could sponsor events - sounds like a plan to me!
There were several players here (going back a bit...or it may have been at the other site) that reported being invited to special events or social get-togethers by some of the bigger groups, and I know of at least three still quietly doing this as part of their CRM activities in the UK and the States.

It seems to me that this works both ways, giving both player and casino the opportunity to get to know each other better, air perspectives and discuss ways to improve...quite apart from the pleasure of social interaction with people of like interests. I seem to recall they handed out gifts, too!
Players can be a tricky bunch. I've met a few of them and some of them have really freaked me out. Ask greedygirl -- she knows :D

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