Playboy casino experiences?


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May 7, 2005
Just wondering how others are faring at Playboy casino?

I've had six sessions playing JorB at the flash version of the casino, and they've all been losers except my first. All the high-paying hands seem to have gone AWOL and I've now asked them to close my account. I had a similar experience at Casino US where session after session I was unable to do anything but lose at their JorB. Whether or not something fishy's going on, I don't know. But what I do know is if all a casino can offer is losing sessions each time I play, they've lost me as a customer.

By way of contrast at what I consider a casino running a fair game and the best operation on the net, I've had three sessions at 32 Red today. Two winners, one loser. In my last session, I hit three full-houses in 49 hands. What I've noticed is that whenever I play at 32Red (which is very regularly), higher paying hands like straights, flushes, and full-houses, seem to come up with some degree of regularity, keeping you in the game. There's even the odd four oak. Consequently, you don't feel as if you're being cheated. At Casino US and Playboy these hands seem to hide under the mouse and refuse to come out onto the screen.

I'm hoping that I've been really really really unlucky and that no-one else has suffered my fate at Playboy (and Casino US come to think of it). I'd love to hear others' experiences.
I had a long chat with the boss of a well known Microgaming operation (and very much "in the know" regarding MG software) the other day. I'd experienced the same as you over 3 casinos last month. Great results at Ladbrokes & Roxy but, totally the opposite to you, got killed at my fave, 32Red :)

Anyway, apparently the Microgaming RNG, payouts and all mechanisms for delivering game results to players is totally outside the casino's control. There is no way that MG allow a casino to influence which players get what results in any of the games.

Its 100% as i thought it would be with MG and its down to perception. Particularly people like myself who tend to play the "higher variance" games like Deuces VP and Thunderstruck. You can go 500 spins/hands winning very little followed by one decent hand that wins most or all of it back. Thats the way of those types of game but we both agreed, this can lead the player to the perception it's "rigged" - a common call from people who lose.

And the reason people lose big is largely not knowing when to quit - its the most well-known "law of the gambler" and why a casino can end up quids-in even on a house edge of under 1%. I'm as guilty as anyone on that score :) Most gamers will gamble for a set time irrespective of result - they won't quit after 5 mins if they hit an up - they'll go on for the hour or so they have to kill. That's life :)

So to answer your question: yes i see those patterns, but I am 100% convinced every MG casino delivers results in exactltly the same way with the same RNG, so no one MG casino is better than the others in terms of expectations.


Thanks for the feedback Simmo. I find it odd when I log onto Playboy or Casino US and all I can do is lose, lose, lose. Whereas, 32 Red, I can have some great sessions hitting four oaks, full-houses, flushes etc, not the measly (at best if I'm really lucky and have been a good boy) three-of-a-kinds elsewhere. Of course, there are losing sessions too. But my point is it's not all one way. Guess I'll never know the reason why I can have good results in one casino, and nothing but horrendous ones elsewhere.

Let me also add that I also play at Trident Lounge, Vegas USA and Aces High, and am happy with the JorB there.

I would very sincerely hope for Microgaming's own credibility that casinos can't control the RNG. The casino owner's comments are interesting. But then if casinos could really control the games' outcomes, I don't think he'd be admitting it to a third party! LOL

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