WARNING Play7777 confiscating large balances, ignoring complaints.


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
Several months ago a player came to us with a report that he'd tried to withdraw at Play7777, went through a few rounds of KYC, and that the casino had then confiscated his current balance, over $50,000. More time had passed as the player tried to get info out of the casino and they eventual claimed that he'd played restricted games. The player says those Terms were not in place at the time and that the casino took so long to give him a straight answer that the restricted games Terms finally appeared.

When we tried to contact the casino they said:
As the player already wrote u, he deposited, played and won. But to be honest he played games which are prohibited due to our t&c’s. These t&c ’s was not created afterwords ...

Wayback has the Terms from 3rd Oct 2016 and the player's games do not appear on the restricted list. The casino told the player that they were added in the four days between that Wayback snapshot and the time the player played on 8th October. When I asked for the specific dates that the player's games were added to the restricted games list the conversation ended. The casino never again responded in spite of numerous attempts to conclude our discussion about the player's issue.

WARNING: Play7777 (play7777.com) is confiscating player balances and is not willing or able to justify their actions. The casino is also refusing to discuss player issues. Given the demonstrated risk to their balances players are STRONGLY advised to play elsewhere.