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Oct 1, 2003
I have been trying to get several withdrawals processed at, going back to 9/7. After a number of excuses I was finally told by (the third party that handles processing and customer support)that the owner of Play4treasure is in debt to playercenter, so playercenter has stopped processing ALL transactions until something is worked out. I am new to this site and see there have been some withdrawal problems in the past at play4treasure. I had no problem with three withdrawals totaling $6,000 in July. Is anyone else having any problems with play4treasure? I'm not convinced playercenter is being totally honest with me. If anyone has any additional information on what is going on I would really appreciate it. I have sent e-mails directly to and have not gotten any response. My only communication has been with playercenter, and they are less than concerned with my situation.
Taken from the home page.....

The integrity of the Play 4 Treasure casino software has been reviewed and certified by Technical Systems Testing, Inc. Second, you will get paid. In addition to simply receiving your winnings, you'll receive them in a timely manner (checks are processed within 48 hours).

Gee... it "looks" so "convincing"... :eek:
Didn't Futurebet have some sort of BS "player insurance" they were touting a while back?

Play4Treasure has, as you say been in the bad news before now.

I also seem to recall that a guy at Futurebet called Mike (Mark?) Lineham had been helpful in getting players paid. Anyone have his email address for this poster?
Jeff, I emailed P4Treasure about this issue and received a remarkably prompt (if not entirely satisfying) response.

They claim that there has been a major SNAFU at their end which has resulted in payout delays and embarrassment, but that the problem has been ironed out and payments are now on their way.

That doesn't excuse the unanswered emails, as I have pointed out to them, and the proof of their statement will be happy players who have been paid within the next few days.

Keep us advised.
Bad news for players of this casino...looks like the casino won't be around much longer.

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is a place you need to contact if you are owed money by P4Treasure.

Any affiliates out there??
Actually, youneed to check this place out for any "player insurance" Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
This is IGS's response to a query from us today. We have asked them to confirm that players at Play4Treasure are covered up to $5000 in the event of P4T collapsing. We also asked why they changed the copy on their site. No reply yet.

Dear Mr. Cullingworth,

We did have this plan in place, however it is only for licensee who subscribe to it. We attempt to screen and monitor all licensees, however we cannot guarantee the success of all licensees as we only provide them a software platform.

We have already paid many players from Play4Treasure and are negotiating for the owner to pay some on his own. Is there a particular player you are concerned about? We are working with the owner to make sure that all players DO get paid.

Let us know of anyway we can help
I have spoken to the owner of Play4treasure. SHE thought she had insurance (and even advertised it at one point) but was told by Interactive Gaming that she did not take this option. I was not made aware by the owner that other P4T players were getting paid and she is certainly not in any financial position to "pay players on her own". I will attempt to contact the owner again but if someone could put me in touch with this Mark I would appreciate it. I am owed $9360.75.
Hi Jeff23,

I've been working on your situation and will have more information for you tomorrow morning. I've been told that your case is being worked on. More info tomorrow.

Holding some feets to the fire on this one.
Jeff, you could try Mark at - that's where the response came from.

BTW do not be under any illusions - they're first response was very quick, but since our reply asking for detail and commitment they have gone noticeably quiet.

I'll post if anything further comes through from them, but I suspect we're being handed a little fertilizer here...
Further response from P4T just in:

"Play4Treasure did not have insurance even though they were offered it. They did not pay into it. We will however arrange payment for this player and make sure he gets dealt with fairly.

As I said, we try to screen all licensees before licensing. As you know, some operators should not be in this industry.

The copy on our site was changed because we realized that before it singled out the insurance program we offer. The goal of the program is more than that and the insurance did not apply to everyone. The program is designed to monitor fair play and operations on both the Licensee's part and the players part."

We are still trying to get a commitment from them in respect of all legitimately owed players, and where they should address their claims.
<hr size=0>quote:<p>As I said, we try to screen all licensees before licensing. As you know, some operators should not be in this industry.
<hr size=0>​
The operator was a first year college student trying to make some cash to pay her way through college. Some screening!

It's funny how they have conveniently shifted blame from themselves to her.
Aside from contractual difficulties, the operator as a bankrupted college student is clearly a "man of straw" from whom owed players are unlikely to get satisfaction, so IGS is now up to bat.

It is mind-boggling that an underfunded and inexperienced college student could have passed any sort of probity and experience check to acceptable levels as IGS claim.
You forgot to mention that the site is still in operation... players who win (if any) will be paid by whom??
I just checked out and there is a posting stating the casino is closed and all players having a balance in their account will be paid after accounts are reviewed. At least they are all starting to spin the same story.
We have been exchanging emails with IGS over the past 72 hours or so and the latest email from them says that although the owner did not take out the insurance option, they are paying those legitimate players prejudiced by this affair once their claims have been reviewed and verified. This does not appear to be a mere stalling tactic although that is always a possibility.

If that is true, then it is the responsible thing for them to do in the light of the casino's failure and they will get some credibility out of it despite the incredible news that their probity and licensee screening did not pick up the fact that the owner was an inexperienced college student.

No doubt that will illustrate to them a need for a drastic tightening up of their screening system.

Jeff will be one of the verifications we use here to see whether they are in fact taking their responsibilities to the players seriously, and we have asked him to keep us in the loop on his case.

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