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Jan 18, 2007
I'm finding a lot of options in/out right now but keeping my volumes low for several reasons, not the least of which is the reality of my loss of privacy in transactions. (as if there ever was any for US players)

At least we can play and get paid! but at what cost? If online gaming were a stock, and I were an anylist I would say


I am optimistic on several fronts:

Trusted Casinos are opening up to us, as we knew they would.

Some Casinos have been there all along for regular players.

New payment methods are occuring all the time.

I'm still awaiting the SEC ruling (via etrade) as to whether I can day trade NLR on the LSE without breaking the bank when they open tomorrow.
Can you imagine the pressure? Aside from the constant bitches here, I'm glad for every dollar thrown at the "graduated reopening".

That's not too mercinary is it?

NLR opens tomorrow.
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BTW, if i make it; I'll do more than drop a hundred on your favorite number:cool: I'll put up everyone in suites, no matter.

Gambl00rs do that you know. :D
I'm getting bleeding tits and no balls for a scree tomorrow, bob ain't your uncle yet.
There's a pak of bucks, and several more. Bet against it, I assure you..

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