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Jul 28, 2005
Yes, I know I've said I wouldnt return and Bryan probably dislikes me, but this is only a heads up to the "non complained" play united/orchid. I just felt to let people know.

I wagered over $108,000 on black jack the last month, but was mistakenly not given any comps. They said they would look up on this and credit the comps.

Then, I get an email saying "slot machines does not give comps". Okey? I only played black jack. I replied and they said: "due to management restrictions, you are not eligable for comp points".

I dont know why, but they refuse to give me comp points that should have been credited.

This is not a "please help" or anything like that, I just want people to know about this kind of behavior. So far they've been lucky to have no complains here so I wanted to change that.
Any background to this? Presumably they offered you a shed load of bonuses which had $108k of wagering to do.

I would have thought that it would be once bitten twice shy with RTG.

I can't say I'm surprised. If you're winning money off them, they are not going to be happy. The bonuses are there to encourage you to lose.

These casinos are only reputable so long as you are losing.....
Well, you know that even more trustable names as playtech etc, are screwing people. I have always considered playunited to be one of the more trustable RTGs.
Background: claimed a highroller bonus. Have played there before a couple of months ago.

I can understand they dont want me to redeem any more coupons, no problems with that, but the comps should had been credited to my account. It was a software bug (or something) wich they admit.
Would they had taken away the comps if they had been credited as they should? I dont think so..

I just think it's bad behavior to not credit some stupid comps just to save a 100 bugs.
Jurgent said:
Well, you know that even more trustable names as playtech etc, are screwing people.

I don't think Playtech have been trustable for quite some time.

I think there are perhaps four truly reputable Playtechs:

Bet 365
you might think I did something wrong this time, but seriously; I did everything by the book of rule. Well nevermind.

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