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May 17, 2006
Earlier this month I deposited $200 with Play United and played with a coupon listed in their "Midweek Bonanza" newsletter, whose link can be found at
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. I played with the coupon code PUALLWEEKEND2 (the "Favorite Games" bonus).

I played a combination of Sic Bo and Vegas 3 Card Rummy, and when I had completed the wager requirements for this bonus, my account was at $1265. I attempted to cashout; however, this withdrawal was declined because it was claimed that Sic Bo was an excluded game. Only my original deposit was returned to me, but the rest of my winnings were voided.

However, as one can clearly see on the link I have provided for the Terms and Conditions for this bonus, Sic Bo is NOT listed as an excluded game. Hence, I see no reason why my winnings have been voided. I have since been told the line that states "The Top 3 Award bonus has 20 times wagering conditions, and is valid on play for all Slots and keno games ONLY" means that I was only allowed to play slots and keno. However, I have no idea what this is supposed mean, since I played with the "Favorite Games" coupon code, and not one called "The Top 3 Award bonus."

I've noticed that Play United customer support has been quick to e-mail with regards to voiding my winnings, but now for the last few days has stopped responding to my e-mails.

I did a quick search here, but couldn't find too much in terms of previous experiences with Play United. I'd appreciate any comments or advice in terms of how I should pursue this matter. Thanks!
with the coupon code PUALLWEEKEND2

I would suggest taking a screenshot of the T&C where it shows the "excluded" games before they get half of a brain cell and change them. Also, PAB!

Not too far off topic, but I guess the PU stands for "Phuck U"

I saved you some time: ;)
I dont use Play United - I find their marketing tactics of setting up dozens of 'clones' with different names very dodgy.

There are many stories of players signing up at one of these clones, getting the signup bonus, and then getting locked out and their deposit and winnings confiscated due to already having an account on the Play United network (in most cases without them having any idea they had another account on the network at all)

If the industry was properly regulated this kind of thing could be eliminated as it seems to be a very convenient reason for PU (and other groups that do the same) to deny cashouts in a less than honest fashion.

Hope you get your money as you dont seem to have broken any rules :)
Ouch! OP your story is a sad one as you clearly did not break any rules. Insist that they send your money and if necessary then Pitch-A-Bitch.

Have them review the terms and perhaps it was an internal error and they might give you your winnings after all. I am hoping this because I have a pending withdrawal there also for a week now. :confused:
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I'll let you know how this all turns out.

Nifty29, I've heard about Play United's numerous clones. Play United is the only casino I've signed up for, and played, within their network.


This "Riaan" gets around!

He previously came to my attention for offering a "Curran style" $25,000 for $15,000 at one of the Wager Junction casinos. I was told that "Riaan" is a real person, but normally used the name "Ryan" in mailings. Now I see "Riaan" is the "Host" of a totally unrelated (other than software) casino.

It all falls into place - I'm no idiot.

"Riaan" does not exist! Riaan is a generic name in one of the RTG templates used in ALL RTG casinos, as is the "Curran" $25,000 for $15,000 "desperation bonus" Oliver Curran himself does not exist either, another generic name used by the Crystalisle gaming group of casinos.

Wager Junction assured me that this was something that slipped out, but confusingly they had a real employee called "Ryan" who got the blame for this. It now looks like the error was in sending out the "wrong" generic template offer instead of the usual weekend mailer, and could have been a mistake made by any of the employees.

Of course, it could be a shocking coincidence, that two different "Riann"s work for both Wager Junction and Play United - seems a bit unlikely, but is statistically possible.

RTG operators should quit these "mind games" now, and use "real people" in signing off these offers, otherwise it fools players into making spurious connections between rogue and reputable RTG outfits based on names attributed to offers, that in the case of the rogue are used to screw over players.
Cyprean - I e-mailed CS and they did return my winnings to my casino account. I have since tried to cashout but haven't received the money yet. It's been a week since I cashed out. Anyway when (if?) I actually RECEIVE my winnings, I'll update this thread.
cashout from Play United

Took me about 10 days to get my last cashout.

Lots of mails which they ignored, then finally an automated mail telling me the cashout had gone through....
Took me about 10 days to get my last cashout.

Lots of mails which they ignored, then finally an automated mail telling me the cashout had gone through....

Looking back on my experience, that's about how long it took me to get paid as well. I've been paid more quickly than that from Play United before, but I guess now one should expect our cashouts to come through 10 days later.

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