"play roulette? you may like sic bo"


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May 28, 2010
So I tried sic bo for the first time today. Good odds! bet 1 number will appear on 1 of 3 dice. I haven't formed a particular method of play but if it's a bad day at the roulette wheel it could be a good distraction.

I also haven't looked but because it's an uncommon game it may not be on the restricted list for casino bonuses. A plus for all those "bonus whore's" as good or better odds as roulette without a X 10 play through. I'm gonna toy with it a bit I managed to stay flat pretty easy so with experience wil come a method of play. Now I'm just as curious as everyone else to see love2winalot's strategy for roulette. Maybe I'll incorporate some into my own strategy.


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Jul 22, 2004
The house edge on the 1 number bet is 3.7% which is quite a bit more than single zero roulette. And no strategy will change that either.


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Feb 10, 2009
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yes, Sic Bo is on most casino's restricted list as far as bonus goes. The few it is not on, i think they just forgot to add it, or assume most people never heard of the game, and would not play it any way.


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Mar 13, 2008
Sicbo does have a high house edge, and I almost never play it in real or at a B&M. But when I do play, I play one of the high payouts, and only for a set number of dollars.

3Dice has AFAIK a unique "straight" bet, and today for the first time, I played more than a couple of spins in real, squander $46 dollars at $2 a spin, then caught $50, a few more spins, caught $50 again, and then very next spin, $50 again.

I figure I used up the whole year's worth of luck in 5 mins.

If it's allowed with a bonus, watch how you bet and any hedge betting terms