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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
A spammer started a thread about a new poker room and the $25,000 freerolls on this forum. I spoke briefly about it in that thread. I took them up on a couple of promotions and was left so disappointed by what I saw I demanded my cashout early and gave them back my 100% bonus.

The bonus was 100% up to $200 for playing 3000 raked hands. I played and played seeing mind boggling plays. Way too many draws hit, I myself hit way too many draws to even it out.

I saw what was blatant collusion. In the hand histories a losing called down hand shows in almost any poker rooms hand history so a player would be able to see if funny betting was warranted or a cause to email support. Not here. I would email support with hand numbers asking what a player had or to look into certain players and they never responded. These hands would go like player x bets, player y raises I call player x reraises player y reraises I fold. River check check. Now of course this could be two pair vs two pair or a missed draw but it happened WAY too often. I play about 10,000 hands a week and in the last week I did not see one hand like this at Party, Poker Stars, Absolute, or zerorake but at Platinum Poker Club this happened around 10 times.

Another player posted in another forum that there were 2 people playing from same IP in a tourney, the tourney locked up when they reached the final table. It was unclear what management did about this but the post appears to imply nothing was done.

I have found 4 other threads not started by me on the net about people saying they witnessed blatant collusion or they did not believe the RNG was legit.

Then even more BS. A player posted recently that he requested a cashout from them. To his surprise he received this email.

Thank you for playing at The Platinum Poker Club. It is a pleasure to have at
our tables.

Your withdrawal request has been declined. The reason for this is that you have
not met the requirements to request funds that have been transferred to your
account by another user.
According to company policies on player to player transfers, if a customer wants
to withdraw funds that have been transferred to him by another player, he must
complete a total of 100 real money raked hands before being able to withdraw
those funds.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments

I have NEVER heard of a poker room requiring a bonus type restriction on a player to player transfer. In fact many rooms encourage this, especially smaller one. It creates more action from a player that might otherwise be busted. I searched their website and could not find anything about this policy. It obviously was made up and is not industry norm. After this player posted this several other players began posting "I got that same email" Obviously when poker rooms make up policies as they go along this is bad news.

It seems every time I play at a Dobrosoft poker room bad things happen. Americascardroom, a once well run poker room fell to crap. Popular Poker (under old mgt) screwed me out of a bonus. Choice still owes thosands to unpaid players. Pokerworld was a disaster when it opened although they appear to have gotten their act together too. Now this room. I think it is more the licensees then the software company but maybe they need to be more involved to keep their software from getting a bad reputation.

After seeing what I considered to be an insane amount of drawouts by both me and my opps I had this hand happen. I finally went into the poker room and made a big issue of player who called 3 bets cold at button preflop with 35s flop was AK9 no flush draw he called cap on flop and 2 on turn and made a runner runner wheel. This pot was one of the biggest I ever saw in a 5 handed 2/4 game ($114 I think it was). I had 99 another player had KK.

After that I demanded a host come to the table. I demanded they let me out of my raked hand deal. I offered to give the entire bonus back although I had played 1145 hands of my 3000 and asked only that they give me the remainder back. This was the same offer I had made to them 5 times in last few days.

Another player bought out my bonus and they cashed me out. I was not a loser crybaby here. I had lost $5 of my $200 deposit but there was no way in hell this was a fair place. The suspect hands of collusion which I emailed support about and got ignored, the ridiculous draws like the last hand I played there, and the lack of support made it a place I would not touch.
agreed. i was there and saw it happen. Won't be going back.

PA i don't hate you!! You did what you thought was right. Though don't look for me to buy you a beer if we ever meet.
Kfellmy, I feel bad about how that went at the other forum. I really just wanted all to know not to PM me links unsolicited. As you know I had no idea that Jek would take such an extreme approach to that. Knowing you asked first though certainly makes the punishment extreme but understandable. I'm sure a warning would have sufficed but I guess he felt the need to make an example.

Obviously I do not expect a drink but will buy you one if I run into you. As you see in the post I was not going ot expose the sender but I guess Jek has access to that stuff. I'm sorry!
So this is where you wandered off to Kfell. This is Vegasto from BW. Sorry about what happened over there. I wasn't really following the drama as I don't post there as much any more. You certainly were our captain and mascot rolled into one, so I'll pour a 40 on tha block for ya.

BW is a little too overloaded with nonsense these days anyway. I like to have a pretty standard rate of making discernable money from internet posts when I read them, and it's a bit too "sift through the diatribes" for me personally anymore. I will still go back to check up on poker promos though, but I only start a new poker account every 6 weeks or so.

Anyway, best of luck to ya. I'm sure you'll be mentioned in whispered tones like some kind of dethroned king in months to come. ran props for this room and has reported being owed a few hundred dollars for over 2 months. Their requests for this payment have gone ignored and a November 2nd ultimatum was ignored also. Cashouts have been taking as many as 5 days from this room. This room is licensed by the same software company that licensed Choice Poker, a major poker disaster earlier this year. I would not say this room is going to go bust, but read between the lines here, ignoring emails over a few hundred dollars and seemingly not denying it is a very bad sign of financial strength.

Of course only one side has commented on this, Platinum Poker Club has posted here before and hopefully has a response to this allegation by their former prop company.

At 8pm ET, a poker room peak they have a 4 handed .02/.04 NL game and a 3 handed 3/6 game. There is a 250 point $500 freeroll in an hour that only has 12 signups. These numbers do not look good IMO.
WOW. The meister has the infamous KFELLMY posting here :notworthy :notworthy

I only joined BW a month ago but have read proberly 100 of your posts!!!

Nice that your on the BEST forum buddy :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
In an effort to get to the bottom of this and provide a balanced reporting of events I emailed this room for their response to the allegation of unpaid prop players. Here it is.

Response to PremierPokerProps:

PREMIERPOKERPROPS provided prop players to THE PLATINUM POKER CLUB with an agreed upon management fee of X% of the prop players pay, not a % of the players gross rake contribution. Because THE PLATINUM POKER CLUB pays ALL players a percentage of their rake back as part of the Cash-Back program, prop players are only paid the difference of their gross rake minus their Cash-Back payment. In turn, PREMIERPOKERPROPS was paid their % on the props actual prop payments, and was paid completely and fairly.

PREMIERPOKERPROPS was brought on to supply and manage prop players and for this service PREMIERPOKERPROPS was paid. PREMIERPOKERPROPSs ability to manage the provided prop players was non-existent and in many cases detrimental to the site. In PREMIERPOKERPROPSs own Prop Agreement it states the following: A props job is to provide pleasant games for customers to play in, and Under no circumstance will a prop berate another player. THE PLATINUM POKER CLUB had numerous complaints of these individuals preying on THE PLATINUM POKER CLUBs new players as they joined their tables. Also, THE PLATINUM POKER CLUB was forced to ban many of these props chat privileges for berating other players, bad-mouthing the site and promoting other sites. Not once did PREMIERPOKERPROPS put a stop to this behavior or even move props around on the tables for more effective coverage. In other words, the props provided by PREMIERPOKERPROPS were totally and completely un-managed.

After two months, THE PLATINUM POKER CLUB received a letter from PREMIERPOKERPROPS stating that they were no longer in the Prop Management business and that they simply wanted to receive a finders fee for any Props they send to THE PLATINUM POKER CLUB. At that point THE PLATINUM POKER CLUB dropped PREMIERPOKERPROPS as a prop-provider and changed their account to that of Affiliate so they would continue getting the standard affiliate pay for the players they brought to the tables. It was probably a good decision for Jason to get out of the prop management business because companies will not pay a management fee to someone who does not provide any management.

Any references to prop players not getting paid, people getting cheated out of money, etc. are completely false. Not once has any prop player complained about their pay.

PREMIERPOKERPROPS was paid correctly and fairly, and in fact was probably overpaid given the lack of services provided. I wish Premier Poker Props and Jason success in their future endeavors and regret we were not able to come to an amicable conclusion to his alleged concerns.

The Platinum Poker Club

Dan Williams
Vice President of Poker Operations

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