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Oct 2, 2003
I am posting just to comment on Platinum Play Casino. I am having problems with another casino right now and but wanted to say how refreshing it is to have another casino (Platinum Play) be so courteous, nice, and prompt when dealing with their gamblers. They have live help and anything I have ever inquired about was resolved within minutes (seems like seconds)
I agree that Platinum Play has great customer service. They are a member of the Fortune group. They have even called me at home and offered me great deposit matches if I haven't played for awhile. The only bad thing is that I started playing at PP when they went live and did terribly, I haven't been back.
Hi everyone, its been a while since I posted but we saw Platinum Play listed here as a NEW casino and we signed up a few days ago and today Kyle cashed out $9,000!!!!!! We are so excited, with Christmas right around the corner BUT the only thing that is scary is that when you cash in they say the only method of cash in that youre allowed to use is by CHECK if you have not been with the casino for more than 3 months. BUT it doesnt state how long or when they will even process it. It says you can pay $35 to have it couriered, but if you have no idea when it will be sent... Anyway thats a little confusing. But we LOVE this casino & will be playing there for a while. One more thing that was weird is that when we asked to flush so that we wouldnt reverse our winnings they told Kyle on the phone that they cannot do that and that he would have to wait 24 lets hope he can stay away from the computer : ) This is such a big cash out that I am terrified something is going to go wrong. I have heard horror stories about bad casinos so it was quite relieving to see such nice things posted about this one!
hope you all are winning!
Wanda, How are you doing? It's so nice to hear from you. We miss you. Congratulation on the big win!!! Make sure he buy you a nice gift!

If you signed up through here. Meitster will take care of you. This casino group pay! So don't worry!

I never win big. Maybe my turn next time LOL~
WTG Wanda! But you didn't tell us the most important part, what were you playing and what did you hit?? Screenshots??

I don't think you'll need to worry about getting it, Wim monitors this forum and as he is the VP of Ops at Fortune Lounge, I'm sure he'd jump in to help if need be. I thought that he said they did away with that check requirement if you are a newbie. Maybe you can look into it if you are reading this Wim. I do know there is a restriction of $2000 on neteller withdrawls at any one time though.
Hi & thanks for all the congrats & a big hug to you ...bewitch!...I hope youre all doing well!
Anyway, since I got a new computer I didnt have the download to do any snap shots. We ended up cashing out $8000. We kept $1000 to play with. We lost $800 strait on that new 9 liner with the trucks..cant remember the name. But today we spent $50 and went back to the truck game and won $1200 doing $9 spins. We went to Treasure Nile and lost it ALL...$1200 strait! After losing down to our last $10 we won $500 back, but never won even more than $60 the whole time except once we won $160. We played out the $500 again on treasure nile & lost it all. Put $150 MORE in and lost that too. So $1400 strait on ONE game...makes you remember all the times you lost $2-$400 strait and went back thinking you could get it (or even some of it back) But when its possible to lose $1400 strait on a $4.50 game, should reitterate the lesson that it NEVER has to hit. It would have been ok if we had won enough to have fun, but it was almost a constant loss, and at $4.50 per spin, it took a while to lose that much and I swear I fell asleep once or twice. So I am wondering how anyone else did on Treasure Nile today. The $9000 we won the other day was from Winning Wizards, 4 wizards on a $25 spin we won $5000 and on Treasure Nile we won $3000 and then just a few other smaller wins I couldnt even tell ya where. Anyway we went on such a horrible losing streak a few months ago that we just gave up and took a break. We lost over $20,000 in two months and only had two cash outs of $1000 all at Golden Tiger which I will never play at again. So this $8000 cash out was such a nice change. What I have noticed is that Microgaming is not wasting time on little wins, it seems to be either HUGE or nothing, which takes a little bit of the fun out of hoping to get some play time out of $100 or even $200 because with fewer small wins, theres not much play time. On Thunderstruck at Golden Tiger we were playing $2.25 & $4.50 spins and in one shot we went 18 spins without a single win and in 30 spins we won a total of $6.20. Out of 100 spins we won $47.00. It was the same on every game we we went to. So we said to hell with them! After the 20K loss we went ALL out at Platinum and only did big bets after the $3000 win at Treasure Nile. It was so scary, but when we saw those wizards and the 5K in the box, I almost fell out of my chair! Anyway the last time I think I lost $1000 on Treasure nile, I told the board to go and play it because I was maxed out on my CC and couldnt go back lol and i cant remember which of you it was that went and won $3000 I if your gonna play you might want to hit treasure nile, it should have a full belly lol I am only charging $1200 to the winner for this information lol just kidding, I would at least like to know it was one of my buddies here who won a good one there : )
I still would like to know how the casinos pay and get paid, I wrote a post about it but I think it laid dead in the water.
Its nice to be back back in the loop!
Wanda, you have such excite and live personality. I love to read your post. I have to hold on my breath and read it all. LOL~

I love the new Thunderstruck video slot and hooked on it for a while. But now I settle down and go back my Black Jack now. Slot is my weakness (always lost). I can lost over 10 k at my stock investment and won't cry. But 1k at casino will kill me. Can't believe how much you lost before. Glad you win this time. ENJOY~ AND WIN MORE....
We cashed out on FRIDAY and today Wednesday, we got our check! I could not believe that! It was the best feeling, but will be even better when it clears : )
I do have to say the only strange thing was that Fed ex rang my doorbell and left the envelope on the porch. $7400 ($600 credit back to my bank hasnt shown up yet, but that usually takes a few more days for the bank to post) Anyway, I just thought that you all should know that if you do choose the "check" method of payment for cash in, it does not have to be signed for so be careful. The only reason I bring that up is because even though we live in a very nice neighborhood, months ago our new box of checks was stollen out of our own mail box. Which, if you all remember I was freaking out because money in our bank account was missing (around $3000) and I thought it was a casino and never thought to look at the checks on the statement until later. Ironically, remember I was mad at Proc-cyber for not answering my emails to explain charges...well the check I got today WAS from Proc-cyber, so although they pissed me off by not reponding months ago, I do want yall to know that it was not them who took my money. I was so quick to blame a casino, (not one in specific because I played at so many and never could figure it all out) but I have to fess up that to this day, I have not been robbed by ANY casino. I would even write a letter to proc cyber, but I never blamed them for stealing from me, I simply requested copies of money I spent and they just never wrote me back. So I wanted to clear all that up and Bryan owes me a spanking for having to take the time to research it all for me : (
Whats funny is that the person that stole my checks, paid off some of her OWN credit card bills...IDIOT!!! After signing the form to press charges they dont tell you anything more but I would have loved to look this person in the face and tell her how STUPID she is. Can you imagine someone just walking down the street looking in mailboxes?? Jeeze! Well thats my blab for the day. Now lets just hope this check clears! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO

'How do you save screenshots?'

To copy whatever is currently visible on your screen simply press the PrintScreen/SysRq key on your keyboard (normally found on the top row of keys just to the right of the F12 key).

Then paste into an open 'word' doc etc.

Finally label and save it as you would.

Hope that helps.

Best of luck.
<hr size=0>quote:<p>Bryan owes me a spanking for having to take the time to research it all for me<hr size=0>​
Please provide an address so the spankmeister can visit. :D
The truck game is 5 Reel Drive - another love 'em/hate 'em type game :) Like Treasure Nile and Thunderstruck, all 5-reel, 9-line slots.

Wanda - one thing for sure, you have a lot of excitement in your life! :)

Bewitch - really funny how you should say that about 10K at stocks... sometimes I won't buy something because I think it's too expensive (my problem is that I think of the US$ buying power as it was 15 years ago, not what it is today) - then go and blow 3-4x at a casino sometimes.

On the other hand, sometimes I buy something expensive and think it's a great deal - then moan and groan about dropping $20 in an online casino... LMAO...
Hi all

Unfortunately I have only been monitoring the Casino Complaints" section and only woke up to this thread today. It is really refreshing to see some positive posts for a change.

Congratulations to wanda on her great win!

jpm is quite right that we abolished the silly 3 month rule and I am quite surprised that this was applied. I will certainly look into it.

Thank you also for the feedback georgiapeachy25. Live Chat was a major challenge for us as it also taxes resources and I am extremely happy to see that we are achieving what we set out to do.

I will certainly monitor this section in future.


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Fortune Lounge
Wim, Nice to hear from you. Love your new video slot.

Wanda, good going! Enjoy it and make sure get something nice for Xmas.

Spear, you are right about human natural! I am very cheap at daily spending. (Never buy things not on sale. Use coupon and being cheap on 1 or 2 dollars...) But I lost my investment over 50k in one month and I am fine. (Now it's back half. ^-^) I will spend $100 on the charity who need help, no problem. However, I will get mad on $80 or $100 at casino who I think not fair. (You already know that...LOL)

Sorry about off subject. Glad to hear Wanda got paid so fast! I start to miss Thunderstruck now... LOL~
bewitch:: However, I will get mad

NO, you're joking??!! ha hahaha!!

This is for Wim : I want you to set up an account for me at Platinum Play, and fund it for me, oh lets say $50 bux!!?? LMAO

Sorry people, had to and have to do this:

Hope that ear problem is all cleared up by now Wim?}
Hi Jinnia

Great to hear from you again.

Thank you for enquiring about the ear.... did I hear you say something about a free $50 ???

Just joking. Please contact me and we can have a look at your new PP account.

Hi Wim,

Just kidding? I wasn't! *smile*

I downloaded PP and made a small deposit. Played better there than I have at any other, but still no win .. smile

Stay Well

Whilst you're monitoring this thread can you help me with a Platinum Play glitch?

Playing Blackjack, I was dealt Ace/King against the dealers Three and pressing the deal button to start a new game was dealt a further card (8) and told I had bust!

I took a screenshot, left the casino to save it, returned to the Blackjack game and found that the Ace had turned into a Nine!

I took a second screenshot and saved that too. I have not played since and am having problems getting this resolved through e-mails and live help.

I don't want to be accused of messing with the software or anything - I'm too thick for that anyway. I just want my money back and I'll cash-out because I cannot feel confident playing your software again.

Thanks if you can help.
Bewitch - "Never buy things not on sale." LMAO... but by now you should know why you and I both think this way :) I constantly tell my wife, "Mai rot ra-kaa, mai seu" - which is the Thai translation of what you just said!

vgyhnji - whoa... LOL... quickest thing may be to go to Playcheck and download the history of your last few hands. Display issues do sometimes occur but they ought to be quite rare.

On the screenshot, there should also be a numeric value next to the hand - did it say 19 or 21?

you're playing 'viper' blackjack to $10 level stakes, which when you have played as many hands as you and I, is quick play.

Initially I would only have registered a Blackjack, I have no mental recollection of the numeric value shown to the first two cards.

In the first screenshot with the accompanying 8 the value shows as 'soft 19' albeit that the BUST banner is also shown!! - how can you be bust on 19? - you work that one out. In the second shot it shows as 27.

Simple solution is PP credit me $25 for the Blackjack first shown. Apart from a speedy button error (I am sure we have all done those before once or twice) I am not in the habit of hitting a 19!

At the very least call it quits and credit the $10 loss back. Point is PP have done zilch and its 4 days on.

Would have put the shots up here but they wont upload. (Let me know if there is a way to do so and I will).

I have to admit that's really weird. And I don't think PP will have a problem over $10 or $25.

However, as I said before sometimes graphic glitches happen. Go to Playcheck and download the result of the hand - then send the screenshots to support.

And yes, I don't think anyone is in the habit of hitting 19 except purely by mistake :)

I believe you can upload the screenshots by hitting the "Upload Attachment" button in the reply section - but if that doesn't work, send the screenshots to Casinomeister and I am sure he will put them up.
Done the playcheck & support bit already.

The screenshots are apparently to large to upload.

I'll e-mail them to Casinomeister as suggested.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Sorry to all for 'hi-jacking' this thread.

Best of luck.

I have already sent them to twice but if you let me have your e-mail I will send them to you also.


And I don't think PP will have a problem over $10 or $25.

I am sure they wont, neither do I. It really is not the point. The point would be if the stake was $500 or the game was $5, 5 coin VP and the Ace was part of a Royal Flush!

Players would be screaming blue murder and casinos would be fending everyone off. Pay out I doubt very much. So all in all its not safe to play if you dont trust the software any more than if you think its rigged - and I am in NO way suggesting that this is the case. Its just a glitch but look at the possible consequences.

PP please sort it out!

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