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Platinum Play and Fortune Lounge

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by JamesLevin, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. JamesLevin

    JamesLevin Dormant account

    Hi everyone,

    Well I am in a similar situation as Jeremiah who posted earlier about another Forutne Lounge casino. I signed up for the platinum play bonus deposited $50 via neteller and received a $100 bonus, addt. $10 bonus, and an extra $5 bonus (apparently for neteller).

    After wagering what I thought was a sufficient amount, I ended up with $310 in my account. I requested a cash-in of $305 and left $5 behind in the account. Several days later, I was credited $205 to my Neteller with absolutely no explanation of where the missing $100 was. I emailed customer support inquiring as to the whereabouts of missing $100 and received no reply. I finally discussed the problem with an online support agent.

    He said the $100 was not credited because I failed to meet the WR! I asked him how much I had wagered, and he stated $2915 total, and that it actually appeared (to him) that I had met the wagering requirements. He stated that hed credit the $100 to my neteller (I have a screenshot of this conversation).

    I later received an email from him saying I HAD NOT met the wagering requirement (which was $3000 due to a $5 NETELLER bonus) and would not receive the final $100. I emailed back, received no reply. I emailed the VPOPS account at fortune lounge and received no reply. My objections to this whole episode are:

    1) Platinum play confiscates $100 with no explanation whatsoever this $100 is not credited back to my account but simply disappears.
    2) The $100 confiscated is way out of proportion to the $5 NETELLER bonus which I incidentially also left behind in my account. Had I known that a confiscation would be the result, I would have gladly played an addition $85 WR to meet the $3000 WR! Since when does not meeting a WR for a $5 bonus result in summary confiscation of $100 in winnings?
    3) No response to emails. No response to an email to the VPOPS address.
    4) Customer service rep states he will refund the $100 and then renegs.

    Help or suggestions appreciated! How can we refuse this neteller bonus? I've had nothing but good service from FL casinos in the recent past, but this episode definately gives me pause! James
  2. fortunelounge

    fortunelounge Accredited Casino Representative

    Hi James,

    Can you please send me your account details so that i can look into your complaint?


  3. JamesLevin

    JamesLevin Dormant account

    I've sent you my info Chad - thanks for the reply.

  4. Stanford

    Stanford Dormant account


    Would you let us know the resolution? FL, is there a policy change here?

  5. Miah

    Miah Dormant account


    Just to add some reassurance, fortunelounge (Chad) handled my matter fairly and professionaly. I would expect them to do the same for your situation.

  6. GrandMaster

    GrandMaster Ueber Meister CAG

    A possible explanation is that the rules say that you must meet the WR in order for all bonuses, and they credited the $5 Neteller bonus first, then the $100. You met the WR for the $5, but not for the $100, so they removed the latter from your account. Fortune Lounge is a decent group, so they should hopefully sort it out for you.
  7. JamesLevin

    JamesLevin Dormant account

    Thanks for the support! I'll let you know how things turn out once I hear back. Thanks,

  8. clawback

    clawback Dormant account

    Who apart FL know the magic wagering formula anymore.I receive 5 x $20 bonuses with 8 x playthrough attached to them my maths make it $800.I wager $875 plus some and guess what it`s still not enough.They`ve had there last deposit from me niether party can prove who`s correct playcheck does not cover the dates in full, F/L prob know this so they can always state our system is 100% correct with know comeback.Well i`m not coming back fullstop. :p
  9. sirius

    sirius Senior Member

    Also, don't play there if you have a Russian name! I've had complaints from Ukrainians who don't even live in Europe (they are in Canada). I'm convinced they have done nothing wrong but FL kept their deposits (returned eventually to the guy who complained to me last year) and winnings. FL also claimed he was in a Russian syndicate with hundreds of members.

    The recent complaint is from someone who knows the first guy who had a problem. This new person deposited $1000 with Neteller and cashed out over $2500. They are keeping the deposit and winnings. If they did anything wrong in FL's eyes, I doubt they can show it in the terms and conditions. I still haven't had answers so FL are still in the dumped section of my forum. I hope they will reply to this too on this thread. According to the complainant, FL don't like their documentation! As far as I'm aware, this was never a reason to lock accounts there.

  10. JamesLevin

    JamesLevin Dormant account

    Hi - I gave my details to Chad right after he asked, but still no reply. Arizona is fairly close to Russia, so maybe this explains it! :)

    Just kidding, still hoping for a response and resolution.

  11. fortunelounge

    fortunelounge Accredited Casino Representative

    Hi James.

    I just sent you an e-mail.

    The $100 that was removed has been credited back to your account. You can either cash this in, or continue to gamble.

    Kind regards,

  12. gfkostas

    gfkostas Ex-Bonus Whore

    Why online casinos don't include in their software a counter which will indicate how much $ left to be wagered?
    I find this ridiculous.It would have saved all of us from troubles.
  13. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    Some of the RTG casinos now offer this when you take a bonus. It shows up right in the cashier window and shows exactly how much is left to play. When you meet the requirements, it goes away. No reason a big boy like Microgaming couldn't do the same.
  14. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of <a href="ht

    What am I doing wrong?

    I've played at FL two, three maybe four times a week for the past three years. I've never had a problem (except the blackjack game has seriously pissed me off on occasions, LOL); I've never been accused of "fraud"; I've never had cashouts disallowed; I've never had any freebies removed; I've never been stalled; I've never been met with un-responsiveness; I've always received fine service.

    I feel like I'm missing out on a huge party; I feel like Fortune Lounge is ripping off the entire online player community apart from me; I must be one unique individual - how is it that I alone, after hundreds of days of play and millions of dollars in wagers, successfully remain uncheated, unscrewed, unripped and generally otherwise unmolested?

    FL - please cheat me a bit so I can feel part of the gang and have a REAL good FL bitching session.


    Why don't players try actually READING THE F*****G RULES occasionally? is that soooooo much to ask?
  15. kniepm

    kniepm Dormant account

    Caruso, maybe you should start a forum where players can post their good experiences. But wait, how many hits do you think that site would get? Very few. And return visits? Even less. I guess when people are pissed off they are more vocal and far more interesting.
  16. clawback

    clawback Dormant account

    The F/L party`s getting bigger by the day you should find your invited into the club soon ;)
  17. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of <a href="ht

    That's ironic. I don't want my remarks to be a misinterpreted. I'm the LAST person to go for all the "Casino XYZ Rocks, baby!!!" shit. I HATE that stuff. Complaints are far more widely posted than good experiences, and RIGHTLY So - but not because there's anything remotely "fun" about casino complaints, or that people are more "entertaining" when they're pissed off. Bryan made a comment along these lines in the Pirate thread, about the "fun" element - and I said the same then. There is nothing remotely "fun" about complaining and the adherent circus atmosphere. The reason that complaint posts are more prolific than happy experience posts is that one EXPECTS good service. It should not have to be something noteworthy, it should happen by DEFAULT. If a casino pays you, you do NOT need to publically get down on your knees and thank Great Online Casino God - it's what casinos are SUPPOSED to do.

    My remarks above should not be construed as some dumb "Fortune Lounge rocks" nonsense; they were a reaction to this apparently endless flow of complaints against a group I've played at for a long time and never had a problem with. I would never normally post about good service from FL - I EXPECT good service. But when I see this avalanche of neophyte wingeing (theft, fraud accusations, too much wagering, too many bonuses LOL) I feel that balance is required.
  18. JamesLevin

    JamesLevin Dormant account

    Hi -

    Thanks for your help Chad! The $100 was credited to my account today (I then promptly lost it with some foolish blackjack). James
  19. clj7221

    clj7221 Dormant account

    Don't Count on Chad

    On March 1st I posted a thread about fortune Lounge constantly telemarketing me with bonuses and other nonsense etc. They have been doing this to me for more then a year. I have called and called and written many mails to them to stop the calls.They never did. So on March 1st I posted the issue here. Chad asked me to give him all the info and said he would stop it. I sent him a personal mail here with all the info and if I left anything out to let me know. I never heard back from him so thought the issue was taken care of like he said he would. Well it's clear he did not do a thing about it. Last night Fortune Lounge was calling. when I did not answer they just kept ringing my Phone. I finally answered and told them I put a complaint in about this and ask you to stop.They said they would stop the calls ( They have told me that many times they would stop the calls but never did) so after I posted the issue on here last week I thought"Chad" would have taken care of this but I guess it was not important enough for him to follow up on this as he said he would.My advice to everyone,
    If you read not only my posted complaint about Fortune Lounge casino but look at how many posts there are with different issues people have with Fortune Lounge, This is not the casino to play. They are not organized and so far with me, they have never followed up with what they said they would.

    Casinos I suggest is Casino us.
    They are the best and you will never have any kind of issues with them.They are one of the best I have found so far!

    Last edited: Mar 7, 2004
  20. clj7221

    clj7221 Dormant account

    Because you spend enough and should feel like you are playing at a regular land based casino. Land based casino comps you without Rules. On line casinos should be the same way I have been compt many times at casinos in Atlantic city. I have gotten free suite for the weekend , a few hundred in chips, restaurant comps etc.And I have spend the same if not more at on line casinos. On line casinos should be just as fun as land based casinos and not have rules about how much you can cash in on your bonus or how much of it you should wager and what you can or can't play to get the bonus or with the bonus!


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