Platinum Bonus query?


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Sep 6, 2007
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hi, forgive me if in wrong place.

I received an email from Platinum play today offering a /$/300 play no deposit bonus, which stated that you can transfer 80 over 300 to your bonus account:confused:

but the T's & C's go on to mention other T's & C's and it all seems so confusing (probably what they are after)

anyway after signing up here and checking them i noticed that they are not on great terms with casino meister especially with regards perceived bonus abuse.

so can anyone tell me if this 80 is worth pursuing?

here are the T's & C's which i had to agree to.

300 Starting Balance - No deposit required Take home your winnings

The Platinum Play 300 Starting Balance offer is applicable to first time Real players at Platinum Play Online Casino.
On registration of a Real account, players will be eligible to opt in to their 300 Starting Balance account which will be allocated with 300 free credits.
To qualify to transfer any winnings you make, you need to make bets to the value of 300 on Slot games while playing 300 Starting Balance. If you fail to bet the minimum of 300 on this promotion you will not be able to take home your winnings.
Provided that the 300 has been played through at least once in full on slots, any balance over and above the original 300 will be considered winnings.
The initial 300 cannot be transferred from the 300 Starting Balance account.
A minimum deposit of 20 must be made in the player's Real account before winnings from the 300 Starting Balance account can be transferred to the Bonus account.
Maximum winnings of 80 may be transferred into the Bonus account.
The 300 Starting Balance credits must be played through and any winnings claimed within 7 days of the allocation of the credits into the 300 Starting Balance account.
The account will automatically be closed after winnings have been transferred or after 7 days have lapsed. All outstanding credits will be lost on the closure of the account.
All winnings transferred to a Real account will be subject to standard play-through requirements.
If you attempt a withdrawal before fulfilling all the play-through requirements of the Welcome Bonus, you will forfeit your cash winnings and Bonus Balance.
In the interest of avoiding any confusion related to the bonus offer, please be certain to read the play-through requirements contained in the Promotional Terms & Conditions.
my bonus balance currently stands at exactly 380 after about 1000 wagering.


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Mar 31, 2007
I've done this in $. You've made it past round 1, now on to round 2. If you don't mind the 20 deposit then you are playing with 100. Grind out the WR and if you hit some hot slots you may end up making a profit. I find with any MG Casino it takes at least $100 and sometimes 200 before things start to pop! Good luck!:thumbsup:


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Aug 25, 2004
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80 max off 300 free-play is pretty low, but as per the above post, you only have to deposit 20 so you are effectively getting a 400% bonus! :thumbsup:

This group have had some 'bad press' recently due to confiscating winning due to peoples 'playing style', but as long as you don't use any obvious & well-known 'bonus abuse' techniques you will be OK.
i.e. if you only play slots or low stake bets you will have no worries!

I have personally played at all of this group's casinos (Fortune Lounge) and never had any problems.

Good luck!


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Jun 29, 2007
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i think bryan has said that the problems with fortune lounge casinos haS been fixed to his satisfaction and i use fortune lounge casinos alot and i personally never had a problem but a while ago they were banning people for bonus abuse left and right....i would say go for it

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