ATTN: Casino Rep Planet7 Casino has blocked me after claimed my withdraw


Sep 24, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
Attn any one please help?? I had account with that planet7 casino for over2 years, never withdrawn, its cool i did not play that much but whenever i played i never won. But about a few weeks ago i won $1500. i tried to verify my docs. i sent it like 2-3 times but they never got back to me so i went on to their chatto ask and they said i still need to provide the bill. but they've never email me for what they needed from me, i only found out as i went to the chat. Any how, kept happened same things a few times in a couple of weeks, after a couple of weeks i went there today like any other time to ask what is the status of my withdraw but cant even go there . Access denied, so i google what is that mean and ive got answer from google , meant my ip address ha been blocked!! WTF??? This is so not fair what so ever, they took my deposite money without any hestitation, and i nevwe bitch and moan about my lost but when i won genuinely they dont wanna pay so they block . Guys think about it, i was a normal working class man, my hard earn money they took it without hesitation but i also need a little bit back when i won ,which i was rely on to pay my other things with thart wining money, now im in trouble. what can i do to get my money back pls??Can so,eone, anyone help??


Ueber Meister
Jan 9, 2013
Sounds to me like they wanted you to provide a copy of something to show proof of address for where you live. The bill that chat has mentioned, likely being some kind of official letter that you receive to your house for bills that you pay in your name while living there. Perhaps you sent one & for whatever reason they didn't accept it.
Some (most) casinos accept a copy of your bank statement if you don't have any bills in your own name. It should be ok to edit irrelevant/personal transactions on the bank statement if you decided to attempt toprovide them with a copy of one to prove you live at your home address.

I have no idea about the casino you mentioned and don't know how trustworthy they are, but some casinos do block accounts after a ceartin time frame if all the documents they have requested have not been supplied within a specified time frame which, if so, they should have written details explaining that in the terms on their website.

I feel your pain, and don't want to sound like an asshole, but never ever rely on recieving money until you at least know the withdrawal has definitely been processed. :(

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