Planet/Starluck Payout Percentage


Nov 13, 2004
Don't casinos by law have to have their payout percentages posted somewhere? I can not find the payout percentage tables for Planetluck or Starluck anywhere. When I contacted customer service, "Justin" told me that they do not post them anywhere.

Guest#: Hi, can you please tell me where I can find your payout percentage table?
Justin: I'm sorry we do not have a pay out percentage table advertised any where

He said there's no need because of the random number generator, everything is just random. I don't get it, because all casinos use random number generators, but are still audited by pricewaterhouse coopers and post these results. It just seems weird to me that Planetluck and Starluck don't, even though they're reputable casinos. ????

I'm not sure 'reputable' casinos is an accurate description of those using iGlobalMedia software. They don't seem to try to trick or cheat players out of money, but their software has various bugs and in my case I even caught it dealing non-random cards. Have a look at this thread:

They refused to let me see logs showing the cards dealt (apparently it's impossible), so I'm not surprised they won't display payout percentages. To be honest, given their general approach I wouldn't be that suprised if they just didn't know! One theory mentioned on here before is that they make so much money from Party Poker the casinos are just left untended to earn them a little extra cash.

It might be worth doing the bonus offers at their casinos, but if you're going to wager any more of your own money choose a place where you can trust the software.

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