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Anyone tried their Blackjack? Do you think it's fair? I personally couldn't get the Java games to work properly. I had to play the HTML games and my return playing basic strategy was only 87% after about 275 hands (doubles and splits counting as 2 or around 240 hands otherwise cos I had about 36 doubles and splits). What's the chance of that? I had a program that could work that out but I uninstalled it.

Although the game offers surrender I never took it cos I don't have the basic strategy rules for it. It also doubles after splits and other good rules. I think the chance of an 87% return after so many hands is very small.
I just figured out that it's around a 2% chance of it happening according to the Blackjack Outcome Calculator at
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If I was betting 1 unit a time, out of the 275 I lost around 36 (I played around 240 hands though).
That's one of the reasons that Planet Luck is listed as NR (Not Recommended) on my Net Bet page (
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Here is a scathing review of Planet Luck:
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Having said that, being down 36 after 240 hands (15% down) doesn't sound all that scandalous to me. I seem to remember needing 100 or 200 units of bankroll to play blackjack, back when I used to play. 240 rounds is a pretty small sample.

- Mike from Oz
Even so, there was statistically a 98% chance of my return being higher if the software was fair. There seems to be many no-download casinos using similar software.
That's a good point. I won't play at JAVA casinos anymore. I've seen too many errors made, I don't trust the software. Download casinos usually come from a known source (Boss Media, Microgaming, Starnet, etc.) so at least you hope they got the bugs out and will be fair on payouts. What little confidence I have left for oneline casinos goes strictly to the download variety, exept Microgaming which I do not play anymore.
I have read a lot of negative messages about Planet Luck as well. As for Java casinos, I usually don't trust most, but one exception is Galaxiworld, which in my opinion offers a heck of a blackjack game for one which is java based.
The cust service at Galaxiworld is excellent. I've emailed them several times, and have always gotten an immediate response. They have recently redone thier website, and now offer the FLASH plugin option for high speed modems.

As far as Microgaming goes, I still play at certain casinos, but am extremely selective as to which ones. In my opinion, Microgaming should have ended its relationship with the Golden Palace family of casinos. If I experience any major problems with other Microgaming casinos, I may stop using thier software altogether.

Lately I am playing (and winning) at Starnet casinos, inclusing WinCity and Adam's casino.
I'm still reluctant to be a high roller at these casinos due to thier legal issues, but according to a press release by Starnet, they are doing better than ever and they even listed the final quarterly figures which, from my brief overview,
look exceptionally good. Perhaps Levy was wrong.
Only time will tell. But as long as I keep playing and winning, I will keep recommending these sites. Over the past year, I've spent hours and hours playing at Starnet sites, and am still ahead of the game. What's the deal with Worldgaming2000 software?

Where's Steve?? His last message was that he was signing off this website because Bryan advertised certain Microgaming casinos. He really helped to make this forum what it is, and its just not the same without him here. Maybe Bryan could put up an ad for his book on video poker. Maybe that'll get him back.
Hi Dave,
firstly Steve is on a sting operation in Vegas should be back in a day or so he will no doubt in his own unique way tell us how he did good or bad.
I recieved your book today Steve 5th January I also recieved all my winning cheques off Starnet casinos so 10 out of 10 for speedy gonzaless the post man.
Have just recieved an email off PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS all will be revealed shortly you will not be dissapointed !!!!!
Got these responses from Planet Luck:

We have checked your game records and did not find an

Please note that our system is 100% honest and it has paid
out according to the traditional casino rules, which are
located at the lobby of each game. Be sure to read those

Please note that our casino is not rigged.

Our games use only fair mathematical algorithms and our
payouts compare to the best casinos worldwide!!!
Remember the olden days when "Starnet Sucked" and Microgaming was king. In just a matter of months the roles are reversed. Who knows what the future will bring.

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