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I have been trying unsuccessfully to get my cashin (Credit Card reversal)from PlaceMyBet since June 29th. I have tried their online live help several times and it is always "wait longer" or we will look into it with no results. As I said in my other post, these online casinos are easy to buy into but very difficult to retrieve your money if you win anything.
Placemybet is a GSS site.. you have to expect this if your going to play GSS casinos.. they are some of the biggest thieves in the online casino industry.. they will screw you every chance they get.. There is a good reason all their casinos are on the OPA's Not Recommended list.
OH yes, just a matter of time before GSS and those crooks started to screw players around.

Hello Mark Waters and Ehren. Remember me?

The OPA called for a complete boycott of all GSS sites and the end of last year. The reason.
Lying, crooks.
It is the name of a bad bad software manufacture. Real name is Gambling software systems. Any casino powered by them is not worth spit.

The General Manager there Mr. Mark Waters is a liar. He also worked for a crooked company called Handa lopez.

The owner Ehren Richardson is a bold face liar. They allowed one of their casinos to screw over players totaling over 70,000.

How they remain in business is beyond me. Apparantly people dont do any checking before making a deposit. You cannot judge a site by the web design. The people behind the software have a very very shady past and all casinos that are GSS are on the OPA boycott and not recommeneded list.
How do I find out if a Casino is using GSS. I just looked at and cannot find this information. By the way I also found out that there is also a site called which is apparently not connected.
There is a game unique to GSS sites--"Table Poker"

It's video poker presented at a table.

GSS sites are all Java casinos, so if you go to an all-Java site that is not Unified Gaming (look at for an example) it is very likely a GSS site.
I know there is a list of GSS sites that are
on the rogue list with good reasons.. the
list is unbelievably long.. you can access it
here and on casionmeisters web page.. I wish
I had known myself how crooked the majority
of these online sites are.. but yet I have
to admit Im still tempted to gamble online..
but do it more wisely .. most of the time..

You know Mary If I had seen that site you
just metioned.. Gambler Palace I would of never
thought it to be a GSS site but a unified gaming
they sure are totally identical.. dont you
And no I never played there..
Sorry for the confusion, B.

Gamblers Palace=Unified Gaming, which has a mixed record. Some players do well on some sites, but, as Bellamia can attest to, Unified Gaming doesn't necessarily do a good job of handling large wins.

Slotland also has good Java slots. Avoid the video poker and blackjack, as they are not really programmed to behave as true video poker or blackjack, but as slots.

Other than those sites, as a general rule for new players, avoid any casino that offers *only* Java games. The great majority of those casinos are either (GSS) or provided sites, and they are bad guys.
Are we talking here ? cuz they just screw me up $1100 ... the way it's work for them is that ... you lose .. you lose your money ... and if you win they'll credit you back your inital deposited ... :)

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