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Bitch and Moan PKR.com being ridiculous with their Decade of PKR campaign

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by chiya, Aug 18, 2016.

    Aug 18, 2016
  1. chiya

    chiya Senior Member PABnononaccred

    Thank you for contacting PKR! Please wait for a Support Representative to respond. You are now 1 in a queue of 1 you should wait about 0 minute(s) and 8 seconds.
    All Support Representatives are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
    Hello! My name is Adam. How may I assist you today?
    Your Issue ID for this chat is xxx
    Adam: Hi There
    Me: hi
    Me: You're having a campaign right now where each day for ten days you'll give your players 10 free spins on a select game .. 
    Problem is, I don't have the spins. I didn't have them yesterday, I don't have them today, 
    and I surely won't have them tomorrow. What gives?
    Adam: Can you please forward that promotional email to me on support@pkr.com by putting this ticket ID xxxx on the Subject line.
    Me: Why? That promo is on your front page
    Me: Doesnt matter if I got the mail or not
    Me: the promo page clearly states ALL players are eligible
    Adam: the promotion is for the players who got the promotional e-mail for that
    Adam: This is for the intended recipient only
    Me: Can you stop bullshitting me and read your own terms and conditions
    Me: I'm readinf them right now
    Me: IT says
    Me: They're for ALL players
    Me: And secondly I did get the email but that's not relevant
    Me: Why would you advertise a Decade of PKR promotion on your own front page and then be like '' HAHA NOPE, no spins for you because you didn't get the email ''. That makes literally no sense, and it's not in the terms and conditions
    Adam: I have already checked that with the concerned department and I am sorry it is for the intended recipient only (the one who have made deposit in the last two months)
    Me: Then do explain to me why this is not stated in the terms and conditions
    Me: I'd paste them here for you to read your own terms but im afraid the list is too long
    Me: Additionally I'd like to ´point out these spins are available for my mother, who registered to pkr.com prior to me, and has not deposited since. How would she have spins but not me if it's been over three months since her deposit. What you say doesn't match with what's actually going at all
    Me: And she literally just told me over FB that she has the free spins despite NOT getting the email
    Adam: IF you will check the third line of terms and conditions: This promotion is open to existing PKR Casino customers only and it may not be claimed in conjunction with any part of the Casino Welcome Bonus.
    Me: What does that have to do anything with this
    Adam: As in your account you have successfully taken the Casino welcome 1st installment and 2nd, 3rd and 4th is active for you
    Adam: Which means you are not eliigioble for this
    Me: That literally makes no sense. I've not activated the bonuses, they'd be active if I deposit, but they're not active. And you're still not explaining to me how my mother has spins despite NOT getting the email
    Me: I think you're trying to be difficult for literally no reason at all. And like I said before, I DID GET THE EMAIL
    Adam: If you have got the email then please share it with mwe
    Adam: me*
    Adam: Can you please forward that promotional email to me on support@pkr.com by putting this ticket ID xxx on the Subject line.
    Me: I like how you're still ignoring my questions. Me receiving the email is completely irrelevant because the terms state the promo is available for all players. I'm not being difficult for no reason, I'm being difficult about sending the email because you can't advertise a promotion as something that's available for ALL PLAYERS but then claim it's not. that's a lie and nothing more
    Adam: Please check the above responses.
    Adam: And if you have got the email then I will credit that as a Good will Gesture
    Me: So no comment on the fact how other players have the spins despite not getting the email? I like how you're still acting like you're right and would only give them to me as a good will gesture despite me being eligible to them in the first place as the terms again, say nothing about me not being.
    Me: I did send it to you but I'm not impressed with the level of customer service
    Adam: I have already share the reason that why the free spins are not in your account. But if any players haven't got the free spins although they have receive the email then in that case we have manually credited that ij their account
    Adam: I have just got your email
    Adam: Let me check that for you please
    Adam: Thanks for sharing the e-mail
    Me: But you've not shared the reason why the spins are in people's accounts who have got the email. Oh wait, I know the reason, because the terms say they're for all players
    Me: haven't got*
    Adam: For your above question, This promotion is open to existing PKR Casino customers only and it may not be claimed in conjunction with any part of the Casino Welcome Bonus.
    THis is the only reason it is not in their account, but they received an email for that so we credit that as good will gesture
    Adam: May I know your Date of Birth and What was the name of your first pet?
    Me: You're not reading that question right. I'm asking why people who are existing pkr customers but do NOT have the email still get the free spins
    Me: <personal stuff here>
    Adam: Thank you!
    Adam: We have credited the 10 free spins of riviera riches slot game in your casino account
    Adam: as a good will gesture of Golden era.
    Me: And what of today's spins? As in bar bar black sheep
    Adam: Please share that email as well
    Me: so you want me to come here every day asking for the spins and forwarding the email of that day .. that makes no sense
    Adam: If you haven't got the free spins as per the email you have got, please do share the email with us.
    Adam: We will credit that in your account

    Okay so let me start by saying that I got an email from pkr.com stating that I'd get 10FS a day - for ten days, a part of their Decade of PKR campaign. Let me also note that the terms and conditions of this bonus claim that this bonus is available for ALL players of pkr.com AND the bonus is advertised on their FRONT PAGE.

    However, this CS I'm talking to claims that the spins are not available to me because they may not be used in conjuction with the welcome bonus, and because I've claimed the first match bonus of the Welcome Bonus about three months ago, the welcome bonus is now active for me and waiting my 2nd (and so on) deposits = I can't get the FS. That literally is the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time and literally makes zero fucking sense. If I've not deposited for the match bonus then that bonus isn't active, you can't claim that by having deposited once the welcome bonus stays active regardless of whether I've deposited or not until I've used all of the welcome bonus.

    I'd also like to note that this term he's referring to is in all of their promotions, and I've got FS from PKR.com in the past just fine - multiple times in fact. So what he's saying is complete shenanigans.

    Now in the chat log you will see that he's asked me to forward the email I got to him because according to him only those who received the email are eligible for it. This is NOT stated in the terms and conditions, and when I ask about it he refers to the welcome bonus which isn't related to it in the first place. I refuse to forward it to him in the beginning because it literally makes no sense that they'd advertise FS for ALL PLAYERS but then when a player doesn't have them the support tells them if they don't got the email they can't have them .. despite the terms not stating that.

    Now you'll see that in the end he apparently credited the FS I didn't have yesterday as a '' good will gesture '', but today's spins are nowhere to be found.. I again need to send the email I got today to him, and then and only then, I will get the FS. And tomorrow same thing. And the day after that. And so on for 8 more days .. WTF?!

    This really isn't worth of all the trouble just to get 10 spins at 9-15cents a spin .. :axeman2:

    Anyways whatchu guys think about this CS agent and his ability to comprehend their own written terms and conditions .. Or am I really in the wrong here? Because to me this whole situation is ridiculous.

    Bah .. needed to blow off some steam so that's why I wrote this .. might as well post it now.
  2. Aug 19, 2016
  3. Harry_BKK

    Harry_BKK Meister Member CAG mm1

    Content Writer
    Promotion fiasco aka Thrills. :rolleyes:

    Another casino that can't get a promotion right. The promo page clearly states to all PKR players.

    I would understand if you would have deposited and claimed the 2nd part of the SUB and still had a balance in your account, then yeah, you wouldn't be eligible. But since your balance is zero i do not see why that clause is the reason.
  4. Aug 19, 2016
  5. chiya

    chiya Senior Member PABnononaccred

    Indeed. Well I'm sure Adam was fed up with me and my slightly offensive language (It was hard to keep calm when he was blatantly lying to my face) and made sure I would not receive this emails again - which I haven't. The daily offer email should've arrived already, but it hasn't. Needless to say, I don't have the spins either.

    Yet my mother, whom I talked about in the chat log as well does have the spins .. today as well. Despite never getting the email either. So basically I just got shafted by Adam for no reason at all. Welp I'll be sure to take my own money elsewhere ..

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