Pitch-A-Bitch FAIL: 75% cannot be processed because of errors

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Complaints (PAB) Manager
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Jan 20, 2004
Did you know that 75% of Pitch-A-Bitch (PAB) submissions cannot be processed and submitted?

The problem is that 75% of the PABs we receive cannot be processed because of three basic errors:
  • the person did not contact the casino representative.
  • the person did not give us their proper (full) name.
  • the person did not provide an acceptable email address where we can reach them.
    AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo are not acceptable. (why?)

Without those basic things done the PAB is (almost always) dead in the water: it cannot proceed until the error(s) have been corrected.

The solution is simple: read the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ.
The FAQ contains critical information and directions to successfully submitting a PAB. If you don't read it your PAB will very likely either stall or fail. If you commit the basic errors cited above we can't even get started with your PAB.

For solutions to three basic errors see the corresponding section of the FAQ:

If you submit a PAB and commit one of the basic errors you are wasting our time and yours. Nothing can be done until we contact you and get your corrections to the errors. This all takes time during which nothing is actually being done on your PAB.
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