Pink Lady Casino Horrible Customer Service( I want the World to read this please)


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Mar 22, 2004
Hayward, Ca
I want to tell the world Jessica and Eric at pink lady casino are very horrible and should loose there jobs. First I was cussed at and told off by then I was dissconnected and locked out because I wanted compensation for 650.00 and they offered me 5.00 and I did not except. There bonuses suck and there casino is rigged I will do all in my power to see they are shut down markmywords



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Meister please add them to your rough list or add them to your do not play casinos it would be much appreciated thank you.

I will not let them do this to anyone else and as far as the federation is concerned they need to fire both of them.
Well his is right about them being rigged and the bonuses sucking.
Ron..did you threaten to punch them like you did with JPM and I? I'll bet there,s two sides to this story and we're only hearing one side of it.

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