Pinababy - Gone for good?


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A Great Gal that will be missed by many

It's a Total Shock
So sudden so fast.
A Great Gal that will be missed by many.
Pina what ever road you take I wish you the very best.


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OMG! I haven't stopped by Meisterland in a while, but to be confonted by such news comes as quite a shock! :eek2: Pina, you will be dearly missed here - I wish you all the best in all that you do.

GGW Laurie

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a very sad time indeed!! i will miss you pina and wish you all the best.


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We'll miss you Pina.
I enjoyed your participation in many discussions.
You especially showed superior dedication and character in the SEO nightmare issue last year.:thumbsup:

Take care, and don't hesitate to visit.


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ciao pina! hope you'll return even if you don't gamble anymore. we'll miss ya!



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ciao pina! hope you'll return even if you don't gamble anymore. we'll miss ya!

in my opinion only, it has nothing to do directly with her own between the lines...........she is already greatly missed and a GR8 loss for all..............I bet ,knowing her from her posts, she made a well informed and well thought out decision which I will personally respect...... Although like most all here appear, I am also selfish and want her back but even moreso I want (and support) her to do what is best for her overall well-being whatever that may be............Pina, if you by chance see this, G-d Bless.:)


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I too wish you the best in everything you do Pina!
You are a very intelligent woman and you will thrive at whatever you chose to do :thumbsup: and those who never get to experience your insight and extremely intelligent opinions will certainly miss out.
Take care and God Bless!


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But I just did all of that work for you!!! Ill miss you and if you ever wanna PM or email me, please feel free. Darn it, I cant believe I just found this out. No wonder you didnt comment on the appreciated thread I made for you


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i am just a newbie here but i really enjoyed pinas posts and her passion for the gambling community and her meisterland will be missed


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Godbye Pina and god luck on whatever road you take in life.
You'll be missed.

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I'm fairly new here too but I've found Pina's posts very informative and helpful too. I'm even going to miss seeing the latex! Good luck with whatever you're now doing Pina!