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Mar 18, 2012
Hello everybody and happy Friday!! :drink:

Have you heard already about Piggy Bank promo at BitStarz Casino?
It's really cool, simple and fun!

You just need to play your favorite casino games and fill in the Piggy Bank - the higher the bet, the faster your balance will grow :)
At random intervals, you’ll receive hammers that can be used to crack open your Piggy Bank! Not all hammers are created equally, though. Some may just crack the bank, some may completely smash it open, and others may not work at all. If your crack open your bank, you’ll be able to claim the cash
which will carry 1x wagering requirements!!
How awesome!

You'll notice a little piggy icon as soon as you enter the casino and it'd ready to be used as soon as you login to your account or create one!

Good luck in cracking :D

Follow this way to join BitStarz and get some cash!
Bitstarz is an award winning casino at Casinomeister
1200 euros worth of deposits and a whole lot more in wagered amount, and I've seen the piggy bank crack once for like 12 euros. Hardly worthwhile.
Bitstarz is an award winning casino at Casinomeister

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