Piggspeak group weekend 100% match, weird terms


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Dec 2, 2001
I recieved this offer today, and i think im not the only one.
Its a 100% match up to 250$ during the weekend, from any casino of their group.

The problem at the terms and conditions:

* Please note that the following games are excluded and will not
contribute towards wager requirements: Baccarat, all Blackjack
game variations, Craps, Roulette and all Poker variations
(including Power Poker, 10 Play Video Poker and Video Poker).

I asked live chat, and they told me that it says all poker variations, (including tricard poker and cyberstud also). I explained, that these are table games.
Then the support person was not sure anymore, but he couldnt give a managers or anyones email who i could ask this from, just the standard support email. I think the terms are pretty unclear because of that (including power poker, 10 play video poker and video poker), because atleast i get the idea, that those are the only "poker" games that are excluded.
Also their normal terms and conditions only ban play on those games, NOT tricard and cyberstud.
Heck, i could even play this offer if i could play some table games, but im not a big slot fanatic.

Well to me 'all forms of poker' is pretty straight foward. If its based on some kind of poker game or has poker in the name, you can't play it. They should just say what you CAN play rather than naming all the things you can't. Suffice to say, this is basically a slots/keno bonus.

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