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Dec 11, 2008
Sittin Here in Front of the Screen like
'umble pie that is...

Bad mouthed ALLJACKPOTS a couple of days ago, for "software failures" and posted Screenshots That Suck - when I was a bit peeved and my emails seemed to have made no impression.

This wasn't about "losses" but TIME wasted ...........
Independently of that outburst of mine here in the forum, management contacted me and has made "restitution".

Another Casino did same recently -- 2nd time for me in 2 weeks!
Perhaps a good lesson here. For me anyway.

Exercise a bit of restraint and a little patience if you have a gripe -
Give them some time to consider Your case.

I forgot what a wise old man once told me :

"One thing you can rely on about people ...
They tend to behave like human beings!"

Thankyou Emma :cool:
Thankyou AllJackpots.