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May 9, 2004
I like this place, although they shortpay some of the vp. The quality of their customer service and instant NETeller withdrawal credit are a big plus.

However, just wanted to give you a tip.

I read their rules, sent in my ID & CC's. Had no problems making cc deposits (all though the validator didn't always seem to be "available"), or NETeller deposits/withdrawals. However, I ran into a little problem trying to withdraw to my NETeller account after a deposit from my CC. (I do this at other places and it goes through, didn't see any specific rule that said you couldn't do that, it was pretty vague.) So my NETeller withdrawals kept bouncing. Took me quite awhile to finally get a support person to tell me it was not going to let me do that til I made a NETeller deposit of at least $20 and then cash out the whole thing. Okay, fine, did that, it worked, I'm happy.

The thing is, if you make a cc deposit, your only option seems to be an overnight express withdrawal. That would be okay with me but there's a $25 fee.

So, my point is...if you plan to withdrawal after a cc deposit here, do your deposit via instadebit at NETeller or you will be in the same boat as I was when you want to withdraw to NETeller.

I think I'll crawl back to iNetBet and hope it forgives my infidelity. Never had a problem with anything there. If they ever get instant NETeller withdrawals like the Phoenician, there will never be a reason to stray again.
9 wishes , i had the same problem a few months back, so i make all my cc depoist thru inetbet casino, then withdraw using neteller then depoist to Phoenician casino.
Off-topic. Almost. Or is it? Anyway...

Before last week, i avoid all possible RTG powered casinos (exclude: Inetbet, but that was some vote-bonus in past). But then i read about Phoenician Casino and their instant payout, and i also read some review about their casino. Ok, sounds fair, maybe i open real account their casino, and deposit small sum. I play, and play, win and lose, win and lose, deposit small sum again later, and play, win and lose, win and win, hmm... games seems fair to me. Ok now i win enough, and i like to withdraw. Now, let see, is that true, "instant payout" :rolleyes: , i already think that it takes many hours, or even day or more, because it is my first withdraw. I close casino software, and try to logged in to hotmail, but darn hotmail (e-mail service) say:
"server is busy". Ok, i can't saw confirmation e-mail.
Ok, i go to NETeller site then, logged in, and :eek: :eek: see that they already pay my winnings in 4 or 5 minutes after i withdraw!!!! :thumbsup: (btw i use only NETeller as banking method). Now i understand this Phoenician "hype" :)

If you are at least a Bronze Member you can deposit by cc and withdraw via neteller also at Lasseters casino. It takes about 24 hours to have the funds deposited into your account

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