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Aug 16, 2004
Just did the Phoenician promo. Worst on-line gaming experience yet.
First, I thought I only needed to wager $3200, but it turned out I needed to wager $4000.

By the time I wagered $1500 on black jack, $1 flat betting, I was down $90. Screw that, I went to play craps. I bet on don't pass and took full (3x) odds, but it was taking like 10 rolls to make a point, and the server was mad slow (in contrast to BJ, which was at warp speed), so I decided to use (don't laugh) a type of Martingale. If I lost my bet I'd double, and if i lost my bet and odds, then bet + odds would be my next bet. I told myself that once I got back up to $400, I would go back to blackjack.

At one point the screen froze after I hit the "roll" button, so I hit the "back" button and re-loaded the game. There was a message that my last game had not been completed. My don't pass bet was still on the table, and the odds bet was back in my stack. So I figured the dice were never rolled.

A while later, I had $16 on don't pass, and $48 on odds, which is a huge bet for me. I told myself that even if I lost, I'd go back to BJ and hope I could meet my W/R with the $56 I had left, and try to get a few $20 cash-outs with the bonus cash. The screen froze again, right after I pressed "roll/" I used the "back" button again, and re-entered the game. Except this time there was no message, no bet on the table, and no credit to my stack.

So I went to customer service. They said that even though the game had frozen on my end, the bet had been completed by their server, and I had lost. This sounded like a bunch of BS to me, and I wanted to cuss the guy out, but I knew there was no point in it. Nothing I could say or do would get me my money back. And now that I think about it, even if there was any thing fishy going on, the fact that the image didn't appear on my screen had nothing to do with it. If they want to rig the game, they can rig the graphics as well.

By that the time I was so pissed off that I wasn't thinking that rationally.
I was just like, "screw this crooked ass site, I don't wanna play here anymore." I had $256 left in my stack, so I took 1/4 of it, and bet on don't pass again, figuring I'd take full odds, and if I missed, so what, they were gonna screw me out of it eventually anyway, so no point wasting my time with it.

Point was 10, which with 4, is the best point you can get if you just want to hit, so this got my hopes up again. I took the odds, and rolled a 10 two rolls later.

Thinking back on it, I beleive that the bet was really completed on their server. At the same time, they need to take responsibilty for the software they provide to their customers, because it's hard to accept that you lost when you can't see it for yourself. And I don't beleive that the problem is with my computer or with my internet connection, because my experience playing on-line poker has shown me that some poker rooms' software freezes and others' doesn't. Furthermore, I've never had a freeze with any other casino game, except Casino Domain's roulette, which freezes every single time. So I have to beleive that the problem is in the software.

I'm not saying they're dishonest, but I don't want to do business with a site that refuses to take responsibility for their software. If they offered me another 100% bonus to play there again, I'd tell em to go screw themselves.
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I was pretty upset when I wrote this. More with myself than with the Phoenician. I never thought it posiible for one to go "on tilt" in a game of pure chance, but that's exactly what I did.

I went back to edit out some of the strong language, but the edit button isn't there anymore. Anyway, I apologize if I offended anyone.
been there done that

all this talk about phoenician lately has made me want to play with them. i actually got my credit card to work with them so I suppose they route it through one of their processors. won a little cash, but wasnt playing with much.
It seems that Phoenician has changed the way their games are played. I have went on one of my worst streaks there. Infact I closed my account. I experienced plauses in the game. Just to have the dealer go in get 20 and 21s. I have played carribean 21 and splitted 2 hands for $300 a piece and get 20 on both hands and lose. If you have played there in the past and place there now. You can't tell there is a difference in the style of play in there games. I have lost in 5 straight sections. I know when to quit and move on. Phoenician have gotten their last dime out of me.
The more I think about this, the more convinced I become that, no matter what their server said, they really did not win that bet.

Here's an analgous situation. You deposit $50 into a high roller slot in a B&M casino. You pull the lever, but the wheels don't spin. A technician come to assist you, and informs you that the casino is keeping your money, because even though the wheels didn't spin, the microchip that governs the outcomes of the machine registered a value, and according to the microchip, you lost.

Are you betting on what the microchip says, or are you betting on what the wheels say? I think most people's intention is to bet on what the wheels say. Likewise, with an on-line game, people mean to bet on the outcome that appears on their screen, not on the outcome registered by the server. And so I conclude that they ripped me off.

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